Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Bunch Of Stupid Questions By Kimber

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the number 14 and the color of life. (2 questions by Ber, figure out which 2.)

1. You are in an enclosed space with a group of friends. Elevator, auto, small room, etc.. You fart and it really stinks. Do you take credit for it or do you play along with the questioning of who did it?
Ill play along with "ewww who was that!!!"... except for when I'm at home, then I just say "paybacks are a bitch" and pull the covers over his head.
2. You are locked in a room sitting at a desk with just a piece of paper and a purple crayon. What do you draw?
A yellow elephant with blue ears.
3. Do you ever pee in the shower?
Hey... when you gotta go, you gotta go. The sound & feel of water sometimes does that to a person. Let me ask you this - if you sneeze in the shower and snot comes out, do you get out of the shower and grab a Kleenex?
4. Have you bought, sold or got rid of something on Craigslist?
We're trying... anyone wanna buy a snowmobile trailer?
5. You are in a convenience store. In the line in front of you is a drunk guy trying to purchase more alcohol. The cashier tells him they cannot sell it to him because he is obviously already intoxicated. He gets belligerent. The cashier is scared. What do you do?
6. While shopping for produce, do you "sample" before you buy (i.e. grapes)?
Yeah ya'betcha I do. I gotta know if they are good or not.
7. You are walking down the street and there is a toddler sitting on a bench by themselves in front of a store - do you just keep walking?
I walk slow... until I get to the babe. Then I sit down and pretend to tie my shoe. If nobody is still coming, then I ask them were the hell their parents are at.
8. Have you looked up an old friend and/or lover online?
Facebook is a wonderful thing.
9. You are nearly in a car/auto accident. Do you freak out, follow the person who nearly caused it & talk to them or just keep going?
I freak the hell out. You don't know me very well, do you?

So a little bird told me that her 73 year old mom is going to join InsanityCafe Forums. If she can, why can't the rest of you? Geez... you obviously love listening to me yap about stuff on this blog so why not there?
You're really getting sick of me begging, aren't you? Too bad. It's my blog, dammit! I can beg if I want to.

And that is my answers for Kimbers stupid questions, which weren't really that stupid afterall. I had stupid answers, thats the real problem.

Party at my house Saturday - who's coming?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stealing on Monday

It was a long weekend... went camping w/the husband. So thats my excuse for being a day late on this.

Sunday Stealing: The "Leave It to Meme" Meme

1. Who was your FIRST date?
that is such a complicated question - or answer rather. I had a "date" to a Jr High dance in 8th grade, but is that considered a date? My first real date that had nothing to do with school would have been in 9th grade with a dude named Matt.
2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
the first guy I thought I was in love with was that dude named Matt. I suppose in a way he was my first love. And occasionally, yes, I talk to him. We remained friends. My first real love I talk to every day because I ended up marrying the guy.
3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
blackberry brandy
4. What was your FIRST job?
a cook
5. What was your FIRST car?
my first car was a Chevy pickup
6. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
I think it was when I flew back to Minnesota from Idaho. That was a long time ago.
7. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
Her name was Krista. Well, it's still her name actually and yes, I talk to her occasionally still. I'd prefer to talk to her more, but shit happens.
8. Whose wedding did you attend the FIRST time?
I think it was my sisters. Damn... I have a rotten memory. Maybe it was an uncle or something. I don't remember.
9. Tell us about your FIRST roommate.
My husband. He moved in with me in my parents house after graduation. I guess that was a roommate type situation.
10. If you had one wish, what would it be (other than more wishes)?
To win the lottery. Duh.
11. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
how to fix the lottery so it comes up with my numbers
12. Did you marry the FIRST person you were in love with?
didn't I already answer this or are you not paying attention again?
13. What were the first lessons you ever took and why?
potty training... because my parents didn't think Id want to wear diapers my entire life.
14. What is the first thing you do when you get home?
walk in the door

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's that Thursday thing

Welcome to the July 23rd version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Berleen, the number 22 and the color of the last road kill you saw.

1. You walk into a store and the cashier is being held up by a robber. The robber's accomplice is dead on the floor at your feet with a shotgun laying next to him. The robber does not see you, but the cashier does - what do you do?
I get the heck out of there. I hate confrontations. Or I just stand behind Kimber while she gives the dude a shotgun wedgie.

2. We go to an ice cream shop for an ice cream cone. You say
you are buying and I am going to stay in the car. You ask me what I want and I say "surprise me", what kind of ice cream cone am I going to get?
It's gonna involve peanut butter... sorry.

3. You have a dream that your co-worker, friend or whoever is hit by a g
arbage truck after they back into a ladder with a black cat on it. The next day you see that person standing by a ladder with a black cat on it and there is a garbage truck driving down the road.... what do you do?
I tell them of my crazy dream and have them laugh at me while I watch the truck run them over. Then I take the cat home with me and live happily ever after.

4. What is the most money you've won on a lottery or scratch off ticket?
$50. Yea me.

5. A neighbor kid down the street comes to your door and offers to wash all of your windows outside for $10 - do you have him
do it?
Sure, why not? My lazy kids won't do it.

6. Go to Google Images. Type in the name of the last movie you saw. P
ost the first picture that comes up.
Yep, old movie.

7. Your local animal shelter calls you and says there are 3 dogs that need an immediate foster home for 3 days. If you do not accept, the dogs are put down that day. D
o you take them in?
Well duh. Did you really expect me not to?

8. What is the messiest room in your home?
Demon #1's bedroom. There are clothes everywhere on the floor, but she still insists it's clean. I gave up a long time ago.

9. Have you ever been to a wedding that participated in a strange tradition that you had never heard of?
No, but I guess the strange traditions are around here. Dancing in the washbucket... stealing the bride & groom.... oh and there's on
e some people do to try to avoid kissing every 5 minutes - instead of clinging your glasses to get the b&g to kiss, you get up and sing a song. It's amazing how many people do it.

10. Name one sport that you just don't get.
Sorry Kimber, I'm going with Bud on this one - Nascar. Or golf... hit and a ball and chase it and then be dumb enough to hit it again? (sorry Mom) Wait... is running with the bulls considered a sport? I'll go with that one.

11. What was the last email that came into
your inbox about?
An email from Marlboro reminding me to play their daily giveaway.... I won a wall mounted bottle opener this week!

12. Have you ever purchased anything from a sex shop? Extra points if you tell us what it was....
Yes. It was leopard print, takes batteries and it's my best friend.

13. Go back to that Google Images link... type in the last food item that you ate.
Post the 2nd picture it comes up with.
We had ribeyes on the grill out at the lake la
st night for our anniversary.

14. Got any bumper stickers on your vehicle? What are they?

and I have one that says "this vehicle protected by a golden retriever security system.

15. What meme question do you wish was never asked again?
any of them by me.... then it would force Kimber to do the TT every week! Muhahahhaha

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

14 Years ago today....

....I married the love of my life. I wrote our love story last year, so if you wanna - here it is. It's hard to believe that it's only been 14 years, I just can't imagine there was a time in my life when he wasnt a part of it in some way or another. I guess maybe I've just loved him my entire life, just didn't realize it until the day I met him.

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I hope to have 75 more of these....

In, out, in, out.....

This meme is all about using your imagination. Free your inner blogginess. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers). Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember:
Don't end up in the dungeon.

1. You are a guest on the space shuttle. You just arrived on the moon and realize you forgot something back home that you can't live without. What is it and how do you convince them to go back and fetch it?

I will start convulsing without my chocolate & peanut butter. They better turn around or my shaking and foaming at the mouth will cause an explosion.

2. Pretend you are a teacher in a rough public school for one day. You have been assigned to teach Manners 101. You have the "challenging bad butt kids" class (remember this is a pretend school and anyway I can't say ass on my blog 'cause it's so unQueenly and I might get fined or something). They are jumping up and down, cursing, and throwing things at you.
What is the first thing you would write on the board?

Shut the fuck up and sit down
3. Someone in your family or a friend has started a blog. They think it is anonymous but you have figured it out. They are saying derogatory things about you. Do you tell them or do you read it for awhile? How would you handle it?

I start leaving annoynumous comments about how wonderful I am and how full of shit they are.
4. If you had one dollar left in your pocket, what would you spend it on?
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are on sale, 2 for $1 down at the convience store in town.... now you figure it out.

5. President Obama and the First Lady are coming over for dinner. What do you serve?

Do you expect something nice? I'd cook them hamburgers & brats on the grill, just like I would anyone else.
You walk in on your lover. They are trying on your clothes. What do you do?

Accept the fact that paybacks suck. I guess I wear his, he should be able to wear mine.

7. Every astronaut must have shots! Choose your vaccination: You only get one and you can't enjoy any of the attributes of the other choices. You choose either: (1) The fountain of eternal youth and sexual vigor but only for 10 years (2) perfect health for a lifetime (3) eternal mind-numbing nirvana and peace of mind (4) unlimited hedonism for one year with no negative consequences.

#2 If I have perfect health, then I have enough energy to have sex & work out, which eliminates the need for the 1st choice....

Monday, July 20, 2009

MCQ: Helter Skelter

1.what is one thing that will put a great big ole smile on your face?

Golden Retriever puppies. Especially mine.

2.Your walking down the street toward a very familiar face. As you get closer you
realize you do not remember this persons name at all. Do you speak with the chance that they'll want to stop and chat or do you pretend that you don't see the person?
I pretend not to see them unless they say something.... then I fake it.
3. Are you the Rock or the sponge of your household?

I'm a sponge - I'm the one who cleans everything up.
4. You have gone over to a friends for dinner. You look down at your plate and notice a great big ole hair hanging out from inside your sandwich. What do you do. ?
I feel like I'm at home...
5. If you HAD to name one....who would you say is your role model?

My daddy
6. Have you raised children? if so do you think your parenting skills were top notch or could have used a little help from Dr Phil?

I suck at raising kids. Have you seen mine?

7. would your -(Past or present)- mate/spouse, significant other/whatever -say that living with you has been like a gentle breeze or more like a hurricane?
Wow. I had to read that like 10 times to understand it. He'd say I'm like a hurricane. I know it.
8. When you shop at the grocery store, do you always shop exactly by a list or just go helter skelter and hope that you get home with most of what you need?
I always forget something and buy 15 more things that I went in for in the first place.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What does heretic mean?

Cheers to all us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The Heretic Meme

1. Who was the last person of the opposite sex you lay in a bed with?
That would be my husband. Unless someone snuck in the bed when I wasn't looking.

2. Where was the last place you went out to eat?
Took the demons to Subway yesterday.

3. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
Hawaiian Pineapple at the bar last weekend.

4. Which do you prefer - eyes or lips?
Depends on what the eyes or lips are doing. I don't want you to try to kiss me with your eye, that would be awkward.

5. Medicine, fine arts, or law?
Again... depends. If I'm sick, I want medicine. If I'm feeling creative, I want art. If someone breaks into my house, I want law. Don't know what medicine would do for me either if I got a speeding ticket.

6. Best kind of pizza?
One with lots of stuffs on it.

7. What is in store for your future?
Let me go call my psychic....

8. Who was the last band you saw live?

9. Do you take care of your friends while they are sick?
No. I usually stay the hell away so I don't get sick. I call them and tell them to drink orange juice, though.

10. How many songs are on your iPod?
What iPod? Why does everyone assume we all own one of these things? I'm still carrying around my walkman.

11. Where is the last place you drove to?
to the lake to get chairs.

12. Where did your last kiss take place?
right here, right now. I just made the husband kiss me quick so I could have a more unique answer. He laughed at me.

13. What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Monday night?
I have an alibi.

14. Are you a quitter?
Only when I quit this meme.

15. Who was the last person you had in your house?
My friend, Debbie. But that is such an open ended question... I didn't "have" Debbie or anything, she just visited.

15. What do you think about people who party a lot?
I think they must be tired.

16. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
No, does it make you uncomfortable?

17. What was the last CD you purchased?
Trace Adkins

18. What are two bands or singers that you will always love?
Johnny Cash & Kiss

19. Which of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of?
None of them.

20. How is your last ex doing?
How in the hell am I supposed to know? Ask him. And no, I don't know where he's at and I don't give a flucking fly where he is either. There's a reason he's an ex for Gods sake. Stupid question.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saturday 9: Heatwave - Where is this heatwave you speak of?

Saturday 9: Heatwave

1. It’s July. How has the weather been where you are?
Its July? I guess if you look at the calendar it is... I could have sworn it was late September. I don't think we even hit 60 today.
2. What is the best way for you to beat the heat?
live in Minnesota. Can you tell I'm cranky about the cool weather?
3. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Do you buy that?
Yes I do. Humidity sucks especially if you have naturally curly hair, which I don't, but I listen to the demons bitch about it all the time. Nellie Olsen anyone? They get to thank their father for that one. They just get to thank me for the 10 lbs of hair on their head.
4. Do you like hot tubs or saunas?
Oh great, here we go with another story of Berleen the nutcase. I get claustrophobic in them. Yeah, figure that one out. Pools & hot tubs make me feel like the water is crushing my chest. I need a fricken shrink.
5. What’s the hottest you’ve ever been?
I'd have to say that day I wore my skin tight jeans and a white tank top without a bra and I was having a really damn good hair day.

Oh... thats not really what you mean, was it?
6. How many times do you hit the beach in the summer?
I don't believe in sand abuse.
7. When you were a kid, what did you do in the summer?
I went outside. Imagine that - it's a whole different concept than what kids today do.
8. Surfing. Have you ever gotten on a surfboard? Body surf?
There's this thing I've heard that sharks seem to mistake surfboards for critters, so I think I'll pass. Thanks.
9. What’s your favorite summer song?
Summer of '69 of course!

Sing it with me....
I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played 'til my fingers bled
It was summer of '69

Me and some guys from school
Had a Band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit and Jody got married
I shualda known we'd never get far

Oh when I lock back now
That was seemes to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya - I'd always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

Ain't no use in complainin'
When you got a job to do
Spent my evenin's down at the drive in
And that's when I met you

Standin on a mama's porch
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was no or never
Those were the best days of my life

Man we were killin' time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothin' can last forever, no

And now the times are changin'
Look at everything that's come and gone
Somethimes when I play that old six-string
I think about ya wonder what went wrong

Standin' on a mama's porch
You told me it would last forever
Oh the way you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's all her fault. I'm innocent.

Welcome to the July 16th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 15 and the color of windows.

1. Do you know anyone with heterochromia? Does it freak you out or do you think it's interesting?
Ok so I had to go look it up. The cat picture should have given it away. Where the hell did you come up with this one, Kimber? Did you seriously know what it was before today?
I did have a cat once that looked almost like this one. His name was Milo. He would get neighborhood cats to chase him into our yard and then he would stand just inside the area that Max's tie-out could reach. Max didn't like cats that weren't his, so he'd go after them. Imagine the surprise when the cat would think it was about to catch Milo and a big dog would come after it!
2. Should a 5th face be added to Mount Rushmore? If so, who?
Mel Gibson. It would be the most beautiful monument in the history of monuments.
3. If you could live on any planet other than earth, which one would you choose and why?
Pluto. I don't give a rats ass if it's not a planet. I'm gonna live there just to say it is.
4. We're going to spend the night at a reportedly haunted location, are you going with us?
If so, which reportedly haunted place are we going?
I wonder if Johnny Cash's place is now haunted by him. Maybe thats the only way I could ever meet him.
5. Did you play The Queen's Meme this week? If so, was it fair of The Queen to put Berleen in the dungeon by association with Kimber? (We all know Kimber deserved it, but Berleen?!)
I did and it's unfair. Why the hell am I always associated with that troublemaker, Kimber? I mean, seriously! I did the Sunday Stealing meme without crabbing about Judd's choice. I didn't want him killed - she did!
6. What color is the towel(s) hanging in your bathroom?
I don't do one color scheme. Right now there is a Spongebob towel, a magenta one and a white one. The real question is - do you wash your towels after each shower? Try to explain to my demons that, if you did it right, you are clean when you get out of the shower so there is no need for me to do 2 loads of towels every week. I think I'm just going to start hanging the towels out on the line without fabric softner so they don't want to take a new towel everyday. Maybe once they get one un-crunchy they will stick with it. Yeah. I think I'll try that.
7. Tell us something funny that happened to you recently.
I threw a rat at Kimber and she named the stupid thing.
8. We just bought you a cow. Do you kill it & grill it, feed it & milk it, or sell it?
Kill & grill, baby. This ain't no catch & release family. Ok maybe with fish.
Speaking of cows. I bought 10lbs of hamburger this weekend - plackaged it up and froze it. I took one package out last night and started frying it up. It smelled like dirty stinky feet. It was gross. I took the cooked hamburger and the frozen stuff back to the store last night and got an exchange on fresher meat.
9. It's 115 degrees outside (46 degrees Celsius), are you able to go without Air Conditioning?
If I have to, sure. If they could do it 100 years ago, so can I. I'd go sit my butt in the lake if nothing else. I hate AC though - always have. I get headaches from it.
10. When you visit the zoo do you wonder which animal tastes better with a bit of butter & spices?
I always drool when I see the elk. Elk is damn good meat.
11. Dog ate your homework/work papers. Does it crap out Shakespeare, quantum physics, or just crap?
Knowing me as I do, it would probably be math. I wish I could have had a dog eat my math homework. God I hated that stuff.
12. We are taking you to a broadway show, what are we going to see?
Um.... can you just surprise me?
13. Gunshots in your neighborhood. Pop, pop, pop. Do you go out to take a look, or hide?
I'd be the dumbass that would go look. I'm stupid that way.

But hey... if you really miss us you can always join us over at the InsanityCafe Community & Forums. It's a small online community that offers some sanity to our strange world. And hey... you think Thursday Thunks is weird? You ain't seen nothing yet! (and we hand out free meds!)
Im gonna keep this going until every last one of you join us over there. It's been awful slow over there recently and we really need some new blood to spice things up. We have about 15 members right now that are somewhat active - summertime sucks for forums. It's not a busy place, honest! Less than 10 posts a day usually. Just think of it as shortened blogging! LOL

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you?

Are you a fan of InsanityWear on Facebook?

well, you should be.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Blog Outside The Box Meme

Ok we are doing another one... the "outside the box" caught me. I'm hooked.

The Blog Outside The Box Meme
This meme is all about using your imagination. Free your inner blogginess. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers). Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember:
Don't end up in the dungeon.

1. You are in court. You are in deep doo-doo. What did you do? ('Cause if you want, I might could talk to the judge and get your sentence reduced to Bloggingham dungeon time.)
I sold the kids to the gypsies... finally. I didn't know it was illegal, honest!

2. Your blog just became a best-selling book . What is the title of your book ?
Crap 101

3. It is midnight. The phone rings. It is Michael Jackson calling from the Great Beyond.

What would you like to ask him?
Are the damn kids yours biologically or not?

4. You are having your future told. The fortune teller looks in the crystal ball, screams and leaves the room in fright. What did they see?
My demons being returned to me by order of the judge and they never move out of the house.

5. You're blogging along minding your own blusiness (that's blog + know) when Google unexpectedly puts a Objectionable Content Warning on your blog. Your own mother is afraid to enter! What, pray tell, did you do to warrant it? How did this happen? Do you think you deserve it? Just how objectionable are you? Do tell.
I didn't do anything dammit! I never fricken swear in this damn blog. Ever.

6. You suddenly become God Of The Universe. What would your first Commandment be?
Thou shall not make chocolate fattening.

I'm God, dammit.

7. And finally, what secret would you like to tell the Queen?
Not to worry. What happens in Bloggingham, stays in Bloggingham.
I have a bag of peanut butter cups in the very back of the fridge... you can't see it unless you move something, which you know that demons never move things.

Monday Crazy Questions

1. Do you have a tattoo...?? if so What and where is it??
if not do you have a secret desire to have one?
I have 4 of them. I have one that is still healing - paw prints. I posted about it the other week :)
I have a cat & flowers on my lower left leg.
I have a tiger cub w/ the demons' names on my right shoulder.
And a heart that I did myself in high school on my left arm.
2. You have been offered a free botox treatment...where do you have them put it?
I don't even know what that is... LOL
3. Do you have a good luck charm? what is it?
Do you think it works?
Nope, don't have one... can I have yours?

4. When was the last time that you said something to someone that you REALLY wished you hadn't said?
"Lets get married.... today". Obviously not the current hubby.
5. The bath water is running, the phone is ringing, the dog is barking and there is someone at the door.....what do you do?
Go take a bath, what else would I do?

6. Your best friend from high school just popped in from out of town. do you offer them a place to stay or suggest a hotel?
I don't do nothing. If they wanna stay, they can ask.
7. Have you ever seen a ghost?
No, but I've made my sister think she saw one when I walked in a door once. Have I ever mentioned I look just like my mom?

8. Someone is driving in front of you rather erratically and slowing you way you see that they are talking on a cell phone and checking themselves out in the mirror. The other lane is blocked off so you can not go around them. What do you do??

Call the cops, give them the license plate number and giggle as I drive by them after they get pulled over.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Double Stealing Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Double Stealing Meme

1. If you could turn back the hands of time to correct one wrongdoing, what event would you choose and why?
the election that Bush won....
2. Are you one for tradition? If so, what traditions do you strongly believe in? If not, what makes tradition hypocritical?
I like tradition, but I really can't think of one off hand that I can write about. Boy that doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? I have a headache... I can't think straight. Sue me.
3. You were taking part in an event and you had to crossplay, who would you crossplay as and why?
I don't have the foggiest clue what the hell you are talking about.
4. If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend your last day? Would you be tempted to live fatally if you knew you were to die the next day, and if so, what extreme measures would you take?
I'd spend it with family... and on the phone with those who couldn't be there with me. Maybe I'd fly to Arizona. I don't know, ask me that day. Knowing me I'd just spend the day in a panic attack.
5. What are your top five sinful materialistic items, ones you'd expect from others including those closest to you? Why are each in the position they are in?
This seems like a simple question, but the end throws me. Is this a Bud question with the positioning of the items?
6. I am... still trying to figure out those 2 questions...

7. I feel... like horseshit warmed over. I woke up with a headache.

8. I see... a kitten running around playing with a golfball. She doesn't want anyone to be asleep right now.

9. I need... to win the lottery.

10. I love... many things.

11. I wish... this headache would go away.

12. I think... you are probably sick of hearing about my headache.

13. I hear... Serena crunching the cat food.

14. I crave... relief

15. I fear... that one day my kids will be out of the house and never want to come visit me.

16. I hope… thats not the case.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

Saturday 9: Wedding Bell Blues

1. If you have been or are married, tell us about your wedding. If you are not, tell us how would you want it to be.
It was sweet. Totally casual, people had beers in their hands while we said "I do". I wanted to be barefoot, but the husband said he wouldn't marry me without shoes on. Yeah, I don't know either. We roasted a hog, had a friend run the stereo for our make-shift DJ service. It was great! Cheap (because we had no money) but it was so fun... I wouldn't have changed a thing. Except I would have kept my shoes off. I still don't get that.
2. What age would you encourage your children to get married?
I don't think there is a perfect age. It all depends where you are at in your life.
3. Who got married at the last wedding that you attended?
the bride & groom
4. Do you enjoy weddings and receptions?
most of them, yes. If they don't play the Chicken Dance the whole thing wasn't worth it.
5. Have you cried at a wedding?
Not yet
6. Would you prefer a lavish event or a intimate ceremony?
Lavish is for the birds. Who are you trying to impress anyway?
7. Have you ever been in some one’s wedding party? If yes, do tell.
Twice. My sisters when I was around 11 or something and my bestest friends'. Hers was comical because I was 8 months pregnant.... she's got stories about that that she loves to tell. I'll just keep my mouth shut.
8. Does a wedding make you happy and sentimental or grouchy and skeptical?
Depends on who is getting married. If the husband becomes the ex and he gets married I might just be a little grouchy. If my demons get married I'll probably be one of those blubbery idiot moms that everyone want to lock in the coat closet.
9. Why do you think our divorce rate is so high?
Divorce is too easy. Plus nobody takes marriage seriously. I got into an argument with someone once... he tried to tell me that his marriage vows meant more than mine did. Funny how he's divorced now and I'm not. I guess I won that argument. Yea me!

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's the Friday thing

1. The last thing I ate was a peanut butter cup and a freezie last night.

2. Registration & a trail permit for the husbands new snowmobile is something I recently bought.

3. When it rains, it makes the ground wet.

4. My friend, Debbie was the first person I talked to today.

5. Hugs are happiness.

6. Big long lasting bear hugs add extra comfort.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my husband fixing the struts in my car, tomorrow my plans include waiting for the husband to get home from work and Sunday, I want to not die!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Facebook addicts

Hey... if you're most awesome enough to be my Facebook friend, check out the Part 2 Quiz of yours truly. And hey.. add me as a friend otherwise. I don't mind.

I screwed up a couple months ago on the first one and actually put one of my own questions with the wrong answer so I decided to redo it.

Here's a preview of the questions:

1) What is my favorite movie?
a) Big Girls Don't Cry
b) An Officer & A Gentleman
c) Footloose
d) Candyman
e) I hate movies

2) What did I want our oldest, Taryn, to be named?
a) Taryn (of course, I won!)
b) Jasmine
c) Ayla
d) Monique
e) Jane

3) What color is my car?
a) Purple
b) Black
c) Blue
d) Red
e) Silver

4) What is the only flavor PopTarts I will eat?
a) Frosted Cherry
b) Frosted Strawberry
c) Hot Fudge
d) any of them without frosting
e) none of them. PopTarts suck.

5) What was my last tattoo of?
a) a tiger
b) paw prints
c) a star
d) Mel Gibsons portrait
e) Jason's name in a heart

6) What is something you almost always see me with
a) lipstick
b) a hairbrush
c) a spare pair of underwear
d) camera
e) bug spray

7) Which soap opera do I watch?
a) Days of our Lives
b) Guiding Light
c) One Life to Live
d) I hate soaps
e) I quit watching when Another World was cancelled

8) What color will I NEVER paint walls in my house
a) pink
b) blue
c) purple
d) green
e) white

9) What kitchen appliance do I not own and never want to own?
a) a blender
b) a microwave
c) a dishwasher
d) a waffle maker
e) a pizza oven

10) What is my favorite color of t-shirt?
a) gray
b) white
c) yellow
d) black
e) I hate t-shirts

11) What animal am I afraid of?
a) cows
b) bears
c) goats
d) chickens
e) kangaroos

12) What was the name of my first real boyfriend?
a) Jason
b) Nathan
c) Randy
d) Matt
e) Paul

13) Whats my middle name?
a) Rose
b) Marie
c) Christianann
d) Ann
e) Cecilia

14) What was the name of my dalmatian that I had when I was little?
a) Spot
b) Hyper
c) Pancake
d) Smokey
e) Dots

15) Out of these places, where would I rather go?
a) A zoo
b) Amusement Park
c) Haunted House
d) Derby Races
e) A Concert

16) What was the fake name I used when I was a telemarketer?
a) Bethany
b) Holly
c) Melissa
d) Bertha
e) you didn't use a fake name

17) Where does my best friend that I've never met in person live?
a) California
b) Florida
c) Texas
d) Montana
e) Arizona

18) What sets my anxiety off in an instant?
a) germs
b) darkness
c) phone calls
d) driving
e) hot water

19) What do I dip my french fries in?
a) Ketchup
b) BBQ sauce
c) Mayo
d) melted cheese
e) peanut butter

20) Easy one... choose A
a) pick this one
b) not this one
c) not this one
d) not this one
e) not this one

Peanut Butter on ice cream

Ok since alot of people seemed to comment on my peanut butter melted on ice cream in my last post...

This is my own creation. I'll try peanut butter with anything once. I take vanilla ice cream and start scooping it up into a bowl. In the meantime there is peanut butter melting in the microwave. Vanilla ice cream from Schwans is the best. More expensive, but well worth it. If you don't have a Schwans ice cream truck that comes to your door - I'm sorry for your loss.

The peanut butter trick - for years I just melted it in a cup, but honestly it is the worst thing to clean up. I refrained from having my favorite treat because of the clean up. So I had a brainstorm. Take a spoonful of peanut butter and put it into a sandwich baggie. Fold the baggie and microwave it for about 40 seconds. Make sure it's all melted good. Take a snip out of the corner of the bag.... pour onto the ice cream! And the best part? Throw the baggie away! No mess.

I also add chocolate (Nestle Quik is the best), but always add the peanut butter first because the cold ice cream will cool the hot peanut butter... and the chocolate (which I keep in the fridge even before initially opened) will cool it from the top.

Now, if you like chocolate, peanut butter and ice cream I suggest not trying this at home. Seriously. Instant addiction. And don't come back and yell at me. I warned you.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bringing scratch & sniff stickers to your graduation party

Welcome to the July 9th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Berleen, the number 141 and the color of your underwear.

1. Do you tend to have a guilty conscious?
Far too much.

2. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?
Nope. Got them removed soon after Demon #1 was born... and she got 2 of hers removed yesterday!

3. Peanut Butter - creamy or crunchy?
Creamy. Melted on top of ice cream preferably.

4. Get up off your butt. Take 5 steps. Which leg did you start out on?
My right. I'd fall on my face if I tried with the other. Trust me, it's happened.

5. What color is your favorite kitchen utensil?
Brown and made of wood.... I love my wooden spoons!

6. Did you watch the Michael Jackson memorial/funeral?

I did. I watched the entire thing. I didn't mean to, but it really ended up being more interesting/entertaining than I expected it to be.

7. Do you know anyone who graduated from
high school this year?
Were you invited to their graduation party? Did you go?
A few. I went to one grad party. My neighbors.

8. White with black stripes or black with white stripes?
black with white stripes. But honestly... I'd prefer a little bit of orange mixed in.

9. If we were to call your 6th grade teacher, what would they say about you?

Which one? I had a couple. The last one would probably say something about me being the "new kid that none of the girls liked"

10. Can you draw a perfect circle?
No, but I can draw a damn good oval!

11. What was your favorite scratch & sniff sticker scent?
I don't even remember the scents. Why did I ask this question? Oh wait... I remember the popcorn ones!

12. What does your sibling do for a living?
This is really sad... I have 4 siblings and I can't think of what they actually do at work.

13. How many light switches and electrical outlets are in the room that you are in right now?

14. Do you know sign language?
A little bit. Took a sign language class in college. I can read it better than I can do it.

15. Do you step on cracks in the sidewalk?
I try not to. It bugs me.

16. And the sheets on your bed look like....?
Pastel stripes. I wish I still had my flannel leopard print but the husband thinks its too hot for those.

17. What is something that everyone else has, but you don't?
A dishwasher and I'm ok with that.

Pay attention to the last paragraph in this blog post.

Berleen & Kimber wanted to thank all you Thunkers for playing! This is rapidly becoming a very popular all love us, you really really love us! When we started Thursday Thunks, there was 3-4 usually a week. We try to read and comment on each Thunker each week. As a work at home mom and a stay at home/homeschooling mom, we don't always have the time. Life tends to get in the way. We do want you to know we love and appreciate your participation!!! If we don't get a chance to comment, don't be upset. Please try to visit at least a few fellow Thunkers each week. People like it when you visit.

But hey... if you really miss us you can always join us over at the InsanityCafe Community & Forums. It's a small online community that offers some sanity to our strange world. And hey... you think Thursday Thunks is weird? You ain't seen nothing yet! (and we hand out free meds!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hold The Knob, Wear Clean Shoes And Enjoy The Insanity!

Welcome to the July 2nd version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 14 and the color of your mother's hair dye.

1. When you close a door, do you close it quick and just let it slam or do you hold the knob and slowly shut it tight?
Strangely enough... now follow along here... I close the door by pulling on the knob on the opposite side of the door as I walk out of the room, then just before my hand gets squished I let go and the door magically follows it's movement into a closed fashion.

2.Train A is moving at 60 miles an hour. Train B is moving at 22 miles an hour. They will pass each other at X time. Now what color shoes are you wearing when train A derails?
Where in Gods green earth did you come up with this one, Kimberella? I don't even understand it, to be honest. Why the hell does train A derail anyway when they passed each other? And knowing me, I'm barefoot.

3. What if M&M's grew on trees? What color M&M tree would you have?
This was my question and I'll tell you why. My neighbors tree looks like it has red, orange & yellow M&M's on it. I think it's a crabapple tree or something but it's the funniest thing.
But if they really grew on trees? In July I would lay underneath them and catch the dripping chocolate as it fell... because as long as you don't pick them they will melt. Remember, M&M's don't melt in your hands.

4. How many petals on a flower does it take to make it the perfect bloom?
as long as its balanced with the same number of petals on either side of the flower, it's perfect.

5. I took you to spend $421.67 on you, what did we spend that money on?
a plane ticket for you to come home with me.

6. If you were a squash, what type of squash would you be?
an acorn squash... cooked with brown sugar and butter

7. Have you ever gotten a wrong number call and ended up talking to the person for longer than 5 minutes?
I don't believe so.

8. Why haven't you joined Berleen & Kimber at Insanity Cafe yet? Do we stink?
Hello. I am Berleen and I did join you... errr... us. Can I really join myself?

9. Now for one of Ber's questions back when TT was brand new... Shampoo bottles say lather, rinse, repeat... do you?
Never. And it still puzzles me everytime I'm in the shower why it says to do that.

10. It's July, the year is half over. Do you see it as "whew that part is over" or best is yet to come?
There are more warmer months left than colder so it's all good

11. Why do you do the Thursday Thunks meme?
because if I don't, I'm considered a loser for not doing my own meme.