Monday, November 24, 2008

Talking to myself about stress & talents

Manic Monday #143

Do you ever talk to yourself out loud? What do you talk about? LOL I talk to myself all the time! I probably talk to objects more than myself. In fact, I just told Blogger; "yes, keep me signed in, I'm sick of having to sign in all the time!" (I wish I could figure out what I did to my computer that it keeps logging me out of everything!) But, yes, I talk to myself quite often because... well... I answer myself back and it makes for good conversation. I often call myself a dumbass, too.

What stresses you out? deadlines. I hate deadlines - of anything. I'm always afraid I don't have whatever it is done, even though I know I do. But the biggest is my husband... not him personally but I stress about him being happy. I hate it when he's grumpy so I am always trying to cheer him up. I hate it when he can't have what he wants (usually snowmobile related) and I spend hours of my day trying to come up with ways to get him what he wants.

What are your secret talents? if I told you they wouldn't be a secret anymore, so really... whats the point of this question?