Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saki & her new friend

I think Saki's gonna miss her....

Holy crap, we're purple

I got a little bored this morning and splashed some purple paint around the place....

In other news, the kitten is leaving today. She's litterboxed trained (like that was hard) and she's poopin' pretty solid poops. It was runny yesterday due to change in environment, stress, shots, dewormer or all of the above. I went to the vet and grabbed some anti-diarrea meds for her and it took hold overnight. She's all set to go to my parents when the girls get home from school. (They insist they are the ones that deliver her. Whatever.) I also got one of our extra litterboxes that weren't being used, some litter, food, toys, treats, scratching thing and a bed. My parents are all set to take their kitten.

Michael Jackson, glue, walls, popcorn, TP & animals

Welcome to the October 29th version of Thursday Thunks!
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

This week we will answer some unusual questions, brought to you by Berleen, the color black and the number 13.
And now for my answers... Demon #2 answered this yesterday!
  1. Would you let your children go Trick or Treating at Michael Jackson's house? Why not? I have girls, no worries there. They would be in costume, he'd never recognize them on the street anyway. He probably gives out the best candy! It's not like we'd be going inside of his house or anything.
  2. Did you eat paste and/or glue as a child? I can honestly say that I did not.
  3. Look at the wall to your right, what is on it? A wooden harley that the husband's grandpa made.
  4. Do you put butter and/or salt on your popcorn? Both. I like my food with heart attack possibilities.
  5. What does your favorite coffee cup look like? It has a pictures of the demons and says "Moms Goofballs" on it.
  6. What was your favorite Halloween costume? I tried to find a picture of it online, but I can't remember what it was called. It was this big blow-up head thing that you wore on your head? I think it was 1980 or 81. *edit - thanks to Debbie over at Through Thick n Thin (because obviously we had the same kick-ass taste in Halloween costomes!) I now know what it was. Kooky Spooks - I had the black one... looking at them now, they were sort of lame, weren't they?
  7. Toilet Paper - hard, soft, extra soft? Extra soft. Charmin. Ultra soft. Enough said.
  8. Have you ever rescued/taken in a stray animal? Yep. Just this week.
  9. Name 3 things you want your kids to learn before they grow up. (if you don't have kids, feel free to skip this one or add your own twist to the question) How to turn off lights, but then again when they are paying the electric bill in their own house I don't care if they know how to or not. How to take "no" for an answer. How to cook without the use of a microwave, because microwaves are just a fad, ya know.
  10. Pick one of the Thursday Thunk players and say something about them. I'm going with K, too. (same as the demon) I think it's fun that someone came crawling out from my past and started playing... plus she is much more creative & better at writing and stuff than most of us so she will be an excellent addition!
and that's the end.