Sunday, January 31, 2010

Forum Stuff

Hey... for those of you who are members at InsanityCafe Forums (or those of you who want to be... because seriously - you know you do!) we've done a bunch of stuff over the weekend.

First of all... we added a new forum called The Padded Room - The walls are padded so go crazy with giveaways, contests, coupons, deals... whatever fits your fancy! They are all over the web and we have them listed here! Thats the technical description. It's for just what it says it is....

Second... we are having our first of many contests... this one is called "Sloganize Us" and here are the details:
Alright members here's a fun challenge for you, and one where you could win your choice of a free Keychain, Magnet, Mug (travel or coffee) or even a Beach Tote Bag! Now that you're all excited lets get this contest started!

How do you participate?
Come up with a new Insanity Cafe slogan, then post it here.
How long will this contest run? This contest will run for 2 weeks, in order to give our members plenty of opportunity to participate. Valentines Day will be the final day for submissions at which time voting will take place. If your slogan is chosen we will PM you and allow you to make your prize choice as well as announce your winning slogan in the forums.

Eligible to registered members only.

Well...there you have it Smiley Now everybody get your thinking caps on and let the game (contest) BEGIN!!
We are also going to start having some fun games (but different from your average forum games).

And don't forget...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spanking is bad

I stumbled across one of those "mommy boards" this morning. The biggest thread was about spanking and how bad it was. (that argument isn't over yet? They were still fighting that one out 10 years ago when I left mommy boards....) You wouldn't hit an adult, why hit a kid... all the same reasons. I grew up being spanked, but I could count how many times on one hand. My dad didn't have to spank... I knew if I screwed up I'd get spanked and who wants that? I don't see spanking as hitting... slam me for that one.

But stop and think about it for a minute.... when the parenting experts (coughbullshitcough) decided that spanking was no longer a correct form of parenting, what happened? What are we all bitching about now? The lack of respect that kids have for adults these days...

Think about it.

When I was in high school there were a few teachers that you just knew going into their class that you didn't screw up in their class. We heard the stories - sometimes from the "victims" themselves - of those teachers picking up boys by the collar and holding them up against the wall and getting right in their face. There weren't many trips to the principle's office in my day, the teachers took care of the discipline themselves. And they were respected. To this day they are respected by my generation and generations before me. I hear kids in school now talking about these same teachers... yep, some are still there... and I wonder if they are talking about the same people! He doesn't scream until blood comes out of his nose anymore? She doesn't slam books on the desk? He doesn't throw erasers at students anymore?

Of course not. They can't.

And guess what? There's no respect anymore either. People are horrified about the old stories of the nuns in Catholic schools who would break rulers over someone's hand. Yeah well, there was no disrespect in that generation. None. The word didn't even exist.

You call it fear? Call it what you want, but I call it respect, which kids have none in this world today... they don't even have fear! They know adults hands are tied - someone is going to cry abuse.

So to all the parenting experts and all of you parenting-by-the-book people - thank you.

And don't even get me started on the baby-wearing, breastfeeding until kindergarten, don't let the baby cry, co-sleeping, toy bleaching parents....

Sorry. Just my little temper tantrum this morning.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vikings lost - oh well

Now I can watch the Puppy Bowl!!!!

About the Game ...

If your favorite team is on the bench instead of in the playoffs this year, it’s time to forget that post season slump. Some very special rookies are ready to take the field with a winning combination of tackles, fumbles and even a few tumbles, for their shot at the end zone —or a tug toy—in Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL VI. This annual canine battle is back as a new pack of pups mix it up on the grand gridiron of Animal Planet Stadium.

On Sunday, February 7 from 3-5PM e/p an all-star lineup of rambunctious, rescue pups competes in the ultimate showdown full of dogged defense, puppy penalties and fido first downs. Plus, for the first time in Puppy Bowl history, all the action will be captured in panoramic view with aerial coverage provided by the Twizzler’s® blimp and its rogue hamster crew. In another fun first, the sidelines will also be hopping with the addition of spirited bunny rabbit cheerleaders. Animal Planet has also booked a bevy of frolicking felines for an all-new edition of the Kitty Half-time Show.

Straight from shelters, this year’s starting lineup is filled with spunky spaniels, fierce French bulldogs and bustling beagles that are ready for action as they vie for the title of MVP (Most Valuable Puppy). Puppy Bowl VI cameras catch all of the thrilling action as the puppies pounce and play, mimicking the rough-and-tumble moves of professional ballers. Our veteran Puppy Bowl referee, Andrew Schechter, will be on hand to keep the players in line and to dole out any necessary "puppy penalties." With instant replays, the popular water bowl camera and the addition of the blimp, viewers won’t miss any of the action on the field.

The Voice of Puppy Bowl — Harry Kalas

Award-winning sportscaster, Harry Kalas lent his voice to calling puppy penalties and doggie downs every year during Puppy Bowl since the first game in 2005. In addition to Puppy Bowl, Kalas was best known for his Frick Award-winning role as lead announcer for Major League Baseball's Philadelphia Phillies. For professional football, he served as a voice-over narrator for NFL Films, was a regular feature on Inside the NFL and called NFL games for Westwood One radio. Kalas passed away on April 13, 2009. Harry's booming and powerful voice juxtaposed against our furry players will be sorely missed.
I'm rooting for Eenu, the golden/rottie mix...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Berleen's turn to thunk your thinker

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the color white chocolate caramel and the number 0.

Did you miss me? I can't get away from myself long enough to miss me.

1. Pants on the Ground.... I hope that this changes the way guys wear their pants.

2. To compliment Kimber's question from last week.... have you ever fell down the stairs? I'm sure I have a time or two. The husband fell down the stairs once... or should I say rode a book down the stairs... and fell into a heap at the bottom. I laughed. He was pissed. It looked funny as it was happening though.

3. Have you ever written to a company about their product? Ever called them? No. But after reading some of the other bloggers' answers, I should. Might get some free stuff.

4. Your dog/cat/snake/iguana/pet skunk (or just fill in your pet's species) goes to the vet. Ok, you take them to the vet... most pets wouldn't go on their own. The vet tells you that your species has cancer. Do you:
  • a. tell them to pull out the needle and put them to sleep on the spot
  • b. take them home and let them live out their life until the end
  • c. same as b. except you don't let them get to the suffering stage
  • d. go full steam ahead with cancer treatments
I'm not crazy about putting a human through cancer treatment much less an animal. I pick B.

5. What is your favorite comfort food? ice cream

6. If your child was put in jail for putting a gun in their spouses mouth and pulling the trigger (even though the gun wasn't loaded), strangling them and breaking their arm... would you post bail for them? Bud asked me if this was a Law & Order eppy. Sad to say, it wasn't. It happened where I live and the guy is someone who I considered a friend in high school. His dad bailed him out.... he went back after his wife. Thankfully she had installed an alarm system and he was caught again and thrown back in - this time with a million dollar bail. Hope his dad doesn't try to bail him out again.

7. If elephants had wings, how many feathers do you think they would have on each wing? I think about 100,000. Need lots of umph to lift an elephant off the ground.

8. Is there anything growing in your refrigerator right now? I think the veggie soup is growing.

9. What did you do with your Thursdays while we were on a break? I didn't think about it, thats what I did!

10. Would you donate to the Kimber Ark Building Fund and donate wood? She is about to float away after all... Yes I would. Hopefully she hasn't floated away yet. They are getting lots of rain in Arizona right now and as of yesterday she had a mud pool in her backyard.

11. If I were to send you a letter and I wanted to put a little heart sticker on the back of the envelope, what color sticker would you like it to be? I would attack a leopard print heart shaped sticker! Roar.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You might be a mom if.....

You might be a mom if the following happens or has ever happened to you:

* You have a favorite children's television show, and you get a little miffed if your child would rather watch THEIR favorite show.
* You've ever been at the same table with another family and had their child vomit everywhere and you weren't phased at all. You just jumped right into action with helping and cleanup.
* You carry a handbag costing more than $400 and you have Binkies and sippy cups inside it.
* You went ahead and bought the M&M Minis just this once because you knew your day would be a living hell otherwise.
* You prefer a Christmas ornament made of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners to your expensive Waterford crystal ornament which commemorates your first Christmas together.
* You've ever had to eat a meal off a plate with Elmo staring back at you.
* You child has cuter and trendier clothes than you do.
* You have largely converted to using plastic "glassware" instead of the real stuff because it just gets dropped and broken all the time.
* You know the words to "Goodnight Moon" by heart and could recite it word for word if your life depended on it.
* You've just changed a wet diaper only to have the new one soiled within five minutes.
* You are well versed in the differences between 24 months and 2T.
* You've ever had to pray that the washer and dryer would hurryhurryhurryhurryplease! so that someone could get their special friend back.
* You've ever kissed someone's tiny toes and feet on purpose, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so.
* You've ever prayed/hoped/wished time would speed up just a little bit so your little one could feel better faster.
* You've ever applied Monster Repellent to a child's bedroom.
* You know what Sippy Cup Cheese is.
* You can find one of the following in your vehicle: broken crayon, rotten sippy cup, spare binky, spilled french fries, discarded juice box(es), permission slip that was due last week.

Copied this from someone...but I wanna know where in the hell there is a mom carrying around a $400 handbag? Was this written by Angelina Jolie or something?? I don't think I've ever owned a purse that cost more than $20 and I'm pretty sure I've never even hit the $20 mark.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants on the Ground - American Idol

He might not have made it to Hollywood, but General Larry Platt tickled the American Idol judges on Wednesday’s episode, which featured the season 9 auditions in Atlanta.

The 62-year-old veteran sang his own song, “Pants on the Ground,” a musical critique of low-riding pants, that rivals Renaldo Lapuz’s original composition, “We’re Brothers Forever.”

Choice lyrics: “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground / With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideway, pants hit the ground / Call yourself a cool cat, looking like a fool, walkin’ downtown with your pants on the ground!”

The judges couldn’t contain their glee and even Simon Cowell told Platt, “I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit.”

Randy Jackson’s take: “I’m going to get my pants up. I’m going to buy some belts after this.” Sadly, though, Cowell was quick to inform Platt that he was over the show’s 28-year age limit. –Aaron Parsley

How could you NOT love this guy? Seriously! Hopefully he started a new trend of PULLING YOUR DAMN PANTS UP!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kimber did it...

1. Build It Yourself Coffin Kits. Creepy, interesting, cost effective, your new hobby?
Without even clicking on that, I think it would be fun.

2. Can you blow up a balloon under water?
um I've never tried, but I think it would be impossible? Where would you get another deep breath from?

3. Why do you think when naming citrus fruit they simply named an orange the color it is?
I think they named the color after the fruit.

4. Insanity Cafe's topic of the day on Tuesday was this article. Have you ever known someone to do something embarrassingly stupid like that?
I knew a guy who got it stuck in a milker once...

5. If you got stranded high on a mountain in the snow, how many snowmen would you make? Would you name them and talk to them?
I'd name one Wilson.

6. Have you ever tripped and fell while walking up the stairs?
I do it occasionally LOL

7. If you were to make your own currency what would it look like, what would you call it and would you give some to your fellow Thursday Thunkers?
I'd call it a gibson and it would have Mel's picture on it.

8. Have you ever made a Mr. Potato Head from a real potato?
I never even thought of it...

Friday, January 08, 2010

Vote for Oliver!

Vote for Oliver! Please???? He could be on a Bissell vacuum cleaner box if he wins! (plus I'd get a free one.... lol )

Ok I can't get that dumb link to work. Click this.