Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want a present - you!!!! Can I have you?

So I'm sitting here online bored out of my mind. Don't really have anything to blog about because I'm kinda tired of the memes & Christmas questions - I mean seriously how many times can you answer "Whats your favorite Christmas song?".

I've mentioned it a few times here that, along with this blog, I also own a forum called InsanityCafe.Have you been there? Have you joined? Why the hell not? I think you should... it's kinda dead in there of late with the holiday season going on and everything... we need some new blood to liven the place up!

And there's even an arcade that you can play! I seem to have this addiction with adding new games, so there's almost 300 games to choose from. Yeah, 300. It's sort of pathetic.

So come on... join. Talk to me. I'm bored.

You can even put a link to your blog in your signature and get a bunch of new readers !

Have you joined yet?