Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Waffles and laughing

I love people who find humor in things. I've mentioned it before that I laugh at everything - even things that probably shouldn't be laughed at, but humor is healing, people! To prove my point, my bestest friend lost her baby daughter at 9 days old from "probable SIDS" (I quote that because I don't agree with it, but that's another blog post). I didn't attend the wake because they were having an open casket and I couldn't bring myself to see little Katarina like that. I just couldn't. As much as I wanted to be there for Missy, I just couldn't. But she understood. Why, I don't know, but she did. Kat was being cremated after the wake and Missy had mentioned that the "box" that they put her in was really cheesy looking, but they just couldn't afford an urn. The day of the funeral I walked up to Kat's "box" with Missy and I just stared. At first I couldn't see it... I mean, where was it? I didn't see any fancy gold box... there were some flowers and a cookie tin. Missy had to point it out to me and it was the cookie tin.... it looked like a square cookie tin! Thankfully, Missy has the same need for humor as I do, so the cookie tin became sort of a "inside joke", so to speak with us. We laughed that day about it. Yes, we were laughing at Kat's funeral, but you know what? Missy needed to laugh and so did I.
To this day Kat is still in her cookie tin and that's what it is still called - Kat's Cookie Tin. And we still laugh about it, smile about it and sure, tears are shed occasionally but you can't spend your life crying. You need to laugh.

Which brings me to the email I got last night. Have you ever seen the t-shirts that say "I don't have ADHD, I just... hey! Look a squirrle!"?? I personally do not have any in my shop, but a lady emailed me last night and asked me to make her a design with a waffle that says "I don't have ADHD, I just... hey! Do you like waffles?". I don't know the meaning behind it because I didn't ask, but I love that whoever this gift is for can laugh about their ADHD disorder. There are far too many people who use disorders, sicknesses & diseases as an excuse or a crutch. Heck with that! Embrace it if you have it! Laugh about it... enjoy it, because it's who you are.
I plan on laughing, cracking stupid jokes and smiling up until my last dying breath. I don't want to go out of here sad or miseralbe, I want to go out knowing that I was happy with the way things were - or at least found humor in it. You can find humor in anything - even death. Smiling is the best healing out there.... so many people need to learn how to laugh and smile and heal themselves.

The world would be a much better place if we all just laughed a little bit more.

10 Things I Love Talking About

  1. My pets. That is definitely #1. I guess its like when my kids were little and they always did something cute everyday that I wanted to share with the world. Pets never grow up!
  2. Days of our Lives if I can find someone who still watches it.
  3. My childhood and my family's past.
  4. My shops
  5. My forums and people have to stop and ask me WHO I'm talking about and then I get the "oh people online" like they aren't real people or something. How rude.
  6. Religion. I love learning about other religions & different views, but to find someone who can question religion is hard. The coolest thing was when I found out one of my closest friends was a Jehovah Witness! I love listening to her explain her beliefs!
  7. Gossip. I admit it. *whew* what a relief off my shoulders that I've come clean with that!
  8. Old times. Different from my childhood & such - I love reminiscing about high school & such.
  9. Fine. I'll say my kids. I do like to talk about them. Not as much as when they were cute babies and toddlers... I loved bragging about their first word or a funny thing they said, but now I'm usually just bitching about their PMS teenage hormones or attitude or something.
  10. Did I mention pets?

Next week: 10 Things That are Going to Happen in the Next 4 Years (once we decide who the president will be)