Friday, August 15, 2008

Camera Critters - Serena Rosabella

Camera Critters

This week for Camera Critters I'm posting my baby girl, Serena Rosabella. She's almost 10 years old and I recently found a lump on her stomach.

She goes in on Monday for surgery... I need some good vibes for my baby girl. The lump is in her mammary glands and it's pretty big. There is only a 15% chance that it isn't malignant. And if it is.. the survival rate is very slim. It sounds like once they are diagnosed with cancer, they go pretty quick. She's not acting sick at all - it's just this lump, so it's ok, right?

This is a recent pic of her... just yesterday, in fact. She's always mistaken for a kitten, but she's really an old lady.. LOL She's a shaded sliver persian.

This one is my baby. We have 3 cats, but this one is mine. She's one of those one-person cats. She's the one by my side when I fall asleep... she meets me in the bathroom every morning for her water - she only drinks from the faucet, of course! Princess Serena is what I should call her!

I know all pets must go at one point. Lord knows I've been there a few times. I never thought I'd find a cat to take the place of my Murray - a black stray cat that I got when I was 15. Ten years later I had to put him to sleep and I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I could love another cat like that... then there was Serena. In fact, she sleeps in the same exact spot that Murray always slept.

Ok enough of my rambles. They are sending the lump in for tests and we should know in 7-10 days from Monday. Good thoughts, ok? The more, the better.