Thursday, June 11, 2015

How Some Christians are Just Messed Up.

So I read this today. My head spun in so many different directions. They are going to get divorced, but stay together and continue to have children (if God wills this). There are so many things wrong here. For one, would they not be breaking a few "biblical laws" or two doing this? Lying?  Living in sin? Having sex outside marriage? Unwed mother? 

Now their minds might just be on some greater good path, but honestly, what are they teaching their children? Our marriage was unimportant because a government said it was? Or so they think thats what the new law would mean. They are teaching their children how to be hypocrites - the bible says to love & accept everyone, but not those who want to get married, nope, we can't love them. They don't deserve love. Pretty unchristianlike if you ask me. 

When stories/subjects like this come up, I like to ask one question and it usually gives me my answer.

If two men/women were walking down a street and came upon Jesus. Yes, Jesus. Lets pretend he came back just at that moment. The two men/women were walking hand in hand and so much in love. What would Jesus do? Would he point at them, tell them how evil they are, shame them? Would he throw stones at them and scream at how disgusting and wrong they are?

Not the Jesus I know. 

He would accept them, love them and reach out his arms and hug them. 

Thats what we all should do. Let them marry, let them live, let them have children. 

Oh wait... children. How dare we allow a child to have 2 mothers and no father, what kind of life would that be? Lets make them grow up like so many others, with only 1 mother and a weekend father. Yeah, let do that, because that is so much better than 2 loving PARENTS.

Maybe, just maybe, if more Christians would act like Jesus would, we would live in a more loving world instead of this judgmental, mean, offensive place we call home.