Saturday, April 19, 2008

Camera Critters - #2 - A walk in the park

I'm getting all my weekend photo projects out of the way all at once! Ok, well in 3 different posts... so anyone who wants to see more "park pictures" continue on to the other 2 entries from today!

These pictures I picked out just for Camera Critters. I couldn't decide which one was cuter - them coming or them going. So I'm giving you both!

The girls, the dogs & I headed to the park today. It's a little piece of heaven just on the outside of town... at least I've always thought so. I came here as a child and it just seems right that I bring my own children. It helps that we live just a few blocks away from it, too. :)
It is a "regular kids park", too. If you look off in the distance you might be able to see the playground equipment.
This is the first time I've came here with a mission - pictures. The girls really didn't know that was the mission.. I mean, Mom always has her camera, so they get used to it after awhile.

And the dogs? Well, considering Saki is just about 6 months old and a retriever, she's really into the exploring & discovery of all this new stuff... grass! Sticks! Hey, where'd the snow go? She's in her own heaven.
And Chico? Well, he doesn't get off the leash much (he listens as well as the trees in the pictures), so he was having the time of his life!
This is also my first entry in Weekend Snapshot!

PhotoHunt - Thirteen (13)

My 13 year old... need I say more?