Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Winners (Losers) & Camera Critters

I have to say that this week sucked as far as picture taking. My "winners" for the week are actually sorta losers, but they work for the Camera Critters meme.

Our weather has been freakish this week... 70 degrees on the day I raked the yard and neighbors were mowing theirs, then we had a day of rain. All day rain. Thats where these pictures come in... it was Saki's 1st "rain storm". She ran outside and when the rain started hitting her... well, she didn't know what to think! Snow doesn't feel like that!

Speaking of snow.. we got a couple inches last night/today. And now, at 8pm, it's almost all gone.

Strange week. But just not much of a camera week. Sorry. We've been sick, too, so maybe if we (I) are feeling better tomorrow there will be some last minute weekend shots thrown up.

Project Green. The Book version.

And I'm admitting one of my addictions. Little House on the Prarie. The books... and the show. *hangs my head in shame* Yes, my friends, you will catch me watching this show all the time. I can't help it. I love the show! I always have. I swear I am the only one left on the planet that DOES watch it.