Thursday, December 04, 2008

Katherine LaFuze is a fraud

A dear, sweet friend of mine, Lesley, who probably doesn't even swat flies because she's so nice, found out some creepy news the other day... here is what she posted on her blog today. This is just fucked up. Excuse the language, but I can't say it any nicer.

Katherine LaFuze is a fraud

Update on the photo thief. Katherine LaFuze stole all my photos from my webshots account. I have since deleted them. She created a life using my photos. Husband (noname?) Daughters Gabrielle and Chloe which one of them is sick. I believe she's trying to get donations from unknowing sympathetic internet friends.

The whole thing is so stupid. It's crazy weird that there are people out there that associate MY photos with her crazy life! She's submitted them in hundreds of contests.. I coudln't even track them all.

Here profile:
Allison was like 6 mos there? Maybe younger?

Here's one of the groups she's in.
where she's apprantly pregnant w/ child no. 3. A boy! I could have guessed that!

Anyway....a friend of mine started the "Katherine LaFuze is a FRAUD" group. :) hehe Hopefully it's not up long cuz I want this lady gone
Lesley also has a little boy named Tyler... that is why she is not surprised Katherine is pregnant with a boy. I'm sure she was planning on using Tyler's pictures for her new bundle of lies.

I'm just helping getting the word out.. this woman IS GETTING MONEY because of this. She's claiming one of her kids is sick.