Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Daily Bud

Ok, I'm gonna start something here. Play along if you want... I guess you can call it a meme, but it's not really.

This morning I went around and took pictures of my flowers (mostly lilies).. all of them seemed to bloom at the same time. I got 7 different pictures and I thought "7 days of flowers"... so, since flowers are blooming, I'm gonna to try to post a picture a day of a flower.

I'll do a linky thing if you would like to share your Daily Buds!

We'll keep this going as long as flowers are blooming!

CameraCritters Version 7.20

I have been really slacking in the picture department lately. I haven't been grabbing my camera and I haven't been participating in memes at all.

Bad girl.

I have a soft spot for the Camera Critters meme, though. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that it's about my favorite subject in the world - to talk about and to photograph. Nope, nothing at all.

I went and dug back into the files on my computer... that I probably should delete eventually. They are all backed up, afterall. But they are pictures. How can you delete pictures? Even if you have them backed up 3 different times?

Well, I went and dug and found a picture of the Queen Bitch of the house. Serena Rosabella. This is my favorite picture of her... because she doesn't really look like a bitch, she looks like you could actually reach out and pet her without her running away. I can pet her, of course, I have no problems. It's everyone else who can't.

There are people in my life... people who have been in my life for the 9 years that this cat has been alive that swear I am full of it when I tell them I have a shaded-silver persian named Serena. She is a mystery to many... a legend, if you will. The cat nobody sees but yet she sleeps next to me every night.