Monday, June 08, 2009

Our South Dakota Trip

This past weekend we went to South Dakota to a snowmobile show. This show is my favorite. There is so much fun going on that you forget your are at a show/swap.

It's a family show... this is our friend, Paul and his son Ben.
Me & Saki. I ended up getting sunburn on my face. I think it's only happened one other time.
Strange people on strange things... our friend, Rampage likes to try out everyone's rides.
The husband.
Saki & her friend, Belle (owned by our friend, Dan). Although they weren't getting along real well this time around.
Paul's son again on a bike that just seemed like it would take too much effort to ride
Paul on his old bike/minibike/motorcycle. I'm not even sure what the hell it is.
everyone needs a motorized shopping cart, don't you think?Like I said, strange people... Saturday it rained, but Dan (Belle's daddy) had his trusty frog umbrella just for the occasion.
Paul had to get a picture of me on some sled... I don't even know who's sled this is!
and the husband & me.
and there you have it. Our trip to South Dakota. I guess you have to be into old sleds like we are to enjoy it. But maybe not... the people you meet are worth dealing with old crap for a weekend.