Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camera Critters 9.13

Camera CrittersIt's Chico again this week! Nothing much to say about him.. he's Chico.
Ok, I thought of something. My best friend, Melissa, is doing her first CameraCritters this week with the brat-dog Athena & that freaky looking bird.
When her daughter, Jenna, was born she was living in the same town I live in and we spent almost every morning in my kitchen having coffee. From the 1st day she brought Jenna over (probably just a couple weeks old) Chico was in love... if Jenna would so much as squeak, Chico would be right there, up on his hind legs wanting to know what was wrong. And if we would put Jenna on the floor he would just lay by her feet. It was the absolute cutest thing! But if she cried... LOL Didn't matter where he was, he'd come running. Not sure what he thought he was gonna do to help her, but he wanted to try!