Friday, February 27, 2009

Is this my life?

I'm sitting here in confusion, but I must write this down. I'm not sure if this is really my life or if I've replaced lives with my perfect one that lives in my dreams.

Demon #2 comes home from school and I ask how her day went.

"Good, what are we having for supper?" Typical question from this kid, honestly.

"I don't know, I have to go to the store but I can't get out of the driveway because you guys didn't shovel the very end."

"I'll do it when I'm done" (by now she was in the bathroom)

She gets out of the bathroom, proceeds to tell Demon #1, who has gotten home by then, that they have to go shovel the rest of the driveway. Demon #1 protests. Demon #2 says "I'll do it myself".

She goes out and shovels. She leaves about 5 minutes worth of shoveling for Demon #1 and comes in. Demon #1 goes out (because I made her.... thats not the perfect dream, though... come on, no dream is perfect).

I ask Demon #2 if she wants to go with me to the store. "Sure". She never wants to go with me. We go to the store. I have to buy a scrub brush and she sees a toilet brush. She wants to buy one. Just happens I broke ours today cleaning the shower (don't ask). "I'll clean the toilet if you let me get it".


So we buy it. We also buy enough other crap to fill 4 grocery bags.

We get home and she takes the 12 pack of pop and both gallons of milk out of the car. I bring in 2 grocery bags. I go back out into the garage and she's struggling with her load, so I grab the gallon of milk from her and set it on the steps. She puts the pop in the garage fridge. I go to the car and grab the other 2 bags. She walks up behind me, grabs both bags from me and heads towards the steps... grabs the gallon of milk on her way in. Yes, she had the 1st gallon of milk still in her hands, plus the 2 grocery bags.

I'm scared at this point. We are talking adrenaline rush.

She helps me put the groceries away, grabs the toilet brush and says "ok how do I use this thing?". She goes in the bathroom and proceeds to clean the toilet.

Then says; "this is fun!".

I don't think this is my life.... but I like this one. Don't give me my old one back.

And please tell me blogging this didn't jinx me.