Monday, March 16, 2009

Bad news & fan stalking

The bad news first. This is our Big Boy. This was back in January. He had that thing on his eye removed but within a month it was back and it was bleeding. We are now at the beginning of the end. I noticed last night that he now has a hole in the middle of the growth and it still bleeds. I brought him into the vet today and there's basically nothing we can do. If we do the surgery again there is a chance we will disfigure him... actually he WILL be disfigured. And also, there is a chance she will cut into the nasal passage and/or the tear duct. She gave us the option to call another vet to maybe look into laser surgery for him, but the above chances are still there and the cost is astronomical (her words). Also, at the rate it is growing and since we don't know where it's growing from (or what it is), it will probably come back.

I got home, in tears, and told Jason. He said we are just going to let him continue on the way he is now until the end. If it gets too bad, we'll put him down. The bad thing is, we've got the old Big Boy back. The Big Boy who is out & about, playing, eating and sleeping with us. He no longer sleeps in the closet. That is why we won't put him down now. He seems happy right now. But time will tell....

I've got antibiotics for him now just to stop any infections he might have. He did lose another ounce of weight even though he is eating a lot more.

So thats my bad news. We've had him for 10 years... since he was almost a year old. It's always hard to say goodbye to a pet. I'm jumping the gun here, we don't know when the goodbye will happen.. but it's only a matter of time.

Anyway. I went and joined a bunch of fan sites on Facebook. Did you know that Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher actually update their own pages? And they twitter? How fun is that? Ashton has a bunch of webcam videos... it's halarious.

I also found Alison Sweeny's fan page... and her Twitter page. Another actress that updates her own pages. I love that!

I've been really getting back into the whole Twitter thing. It's really become an addiction. Especially now since I can Twitter and Facebook & Skype pick up the status. So who out there in blogland Twitters? God I love that word. I twitter. Sounds kinky. Anyway... if you twitter and want to twitter with me....