Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 on Tuesday - 10 Things You Didn’t Like About School

10 Things You Didn't Like About School

This meme seemed appropriate today since Demon #2 is going to her Jr High Open House this afternoon! It's not the same Jr High I went to (that one has long since been torn down) but they added to my high school in 1996 so she (as Demon #1 already is) going to my old high school!

And whats even more ironic about this subject is that, thanks to Facebook, I have suddenly been "reunited" with a bunch of people from my graduating class. One in particular I was surprised to find out has a baby! We were good friends in high school and, like most high school friends, we lost touch in adulthood. What ever happened to "that won't happen to us!"?

Anyway... on with the meme. 10 Things That I Didn't Like About School.

1. Math class. I sucked at math (still do) and I hated every single one I had to take. I loathed it. I despised it. I hated it. I just didn't like it. Don't you understand? MATH SUCKED!!!!!
2. Being cool. Always having to worry about if your clothes were in fashion, if your hair was big enough... I acted like I didn't really care, but I did. You didn't want to be talked about, after all.
3. Big hair in the winter. I walked to school on Minnesota winter mornings. It was cold. I couldn't wear a hat, no matter how much my father insisted that I did, because even AquaNet couldn't cure hat hair. My head got cold! I also had ripped jeans so my knees were cold, too. Damn 80s.
4. Mr. Krogman. Yep, I didn't like him... never did. Everyone else did, but I didn't. He hated rebellion and I was his poster child of rebellion in 9th grade. Neither one of us got over that.
5. Friend fights. I had a pretty small group of friends, but we still had our fights. I hated them. They sucked and they made your stomach upset and I hated that feeling. I hated my friends being mad at me.
6. Rules. Didn't we all?
7. Lockers never big enough. Back to #3 - we had winter coats, plus books, plus.. whatever else. The lockers were just never big enough.
8. Swimming. I hated when swimming came around in gym class. I really did. I don't know what part I hated, but I could never wait until it was over!
9. Homework. Enough said.
10. That it had to end. Don't tell anyone I said that and I wouldn't have said that in a million years on graduation day, but I actually yern for being back in school... life was so simple then.