Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm not one of THOSE moms

Demon #2 came home from school yesterday sick. I picked her up around 10am. School nurse says she's not running a fever but her throat is red. Fine, I go get her. The husband already had an appointment at the clinic for later that day so I called and asked if Demon #2 could just go with him... a double appointment. Sure, not a problem. The husband was going in because he's had a cold for over a week and he thought he might have his barbell from his tongue piercing stuck in his lung. (it wasn't)
So we go. Nevermind the fact that our appointment was at 5:45 and we didn't even get into the exam room until 6:30. That was enough to piss anyone off. The doc comes in and I tell him the symptoms and such... and I also say that the school suggested she be seen because of the strep and such going around. He says "so the school wanted you to bring her in" and I said, "yeah, I guess". He turns to look at me and says; "for a cold?". Hey.. the husband was already coming in, I wouldn't have made an appointment otherwise. Fucktard. Don't get on my nerves you ass. He looks in Demon #2's throat... sort of. Barely. I would have done a better job. Thats all he does. Not another thing. No throat culture, nothing. Proceeds to write a prescription. WTF?

You all know where this is headed.... ok, those of you who know how I feel about prescriptions...

I ask what the prescription is for. Clariton.

"And that is...??"

He says its a decongestant. Well I got all sorts of that shit at home. Why do I need a prescription for this? Ok, so what else is on that notepad??


Whoa baby. Oh no. WTF is that for? "I thought she just has a cold?"

"This is for just in case she has something else?"

SOMETHING ELSE? You dumb fuck piece of crap who got your diploma out of a cracker jack box... isn't it his job to check to see if she has SOMETHING ELSE? Not just shove an antibiotic down her throat and hope for the best. I don't think so. I took the prescription and shoved it up his ass in my purse and went home.

The husband also has this death cold that only antibiotoics can cure... he's taking the antibiotics. He's a big boy, he can make his own decisions but I refuse to give my child anything she doesn't need. She can fight this death cold off the old fashioned way - with homemade chicken soup that I made and some sleep.

Antibiotics my ass.

For a cold.