Wednesday, April 02, 2008

School Bus Adventure

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Made this design this morning for a friend of mine who is a school bus driver and has her school bus driving adventures everyday! She loves it... don't know why, but she does. Funny thing is, she didn't start driving bus until both of her kids were graduated from high school! She went with me last night to the Pet First Aid/CPR class and told me about a t-shirt with a similar saying on it and wanted me to make her one... so here it is.

Don't really like the design now that I look at it, but I'm leaving it anyway. Going to do a few more I think today.....


Grocery stores should not be allowed to sell flower bulbs. It should be a law, I swear. Sunday I was at the store with Demon #1 and there it stood - a display filled with a huge variety of bulbs. Pink, blue, yellow... big flowers, little flowers....

OMG They have white tiger lilies!

I've never heard of them before. I have regular tiger lilies in my yard - my favorite flower. Love tiger lilies. Absolutely love them. It's an obsession of some sort.

And now white tiger lilies?

I'm screwed....

Look at the box... in Minnesota you can plant them as early as.... April! (check your calendar... it's April!!!!)

Demon #1 found her favorites and we walked out with 5 boxes of bulbs. Now where to plant them.

Springtime brings out my addiction of flowers. I love planting flowers... I also love roses. Don't buy me cut roses, I hate that - but you can buy me a rose bush! I can't guarantee it will still be alive come next spring, but I'll plant it anyway. I always buy a new rose bush every year, but it in a different spot in my yard and enjoy beautiful roses all summer long.

Then the bush dies over the winter.

And I buy another in spring.

And the husband gets mad.

I love spring!

Pet First Aid & CPR Training

Last night I took the American Red Cross' Pet CPR/First Aid training course. It was a fun, interesting and highly informative course!

I was saddened by how many people laughed at the thought of taking this class when I mentioned I was going. I realized I wasn't the only one who heard comments, either. It was the topic of conversation at the beginning of the class last night. One woman said that she was told "breathing for my dog is where I draw the line". Why? I don't understand - you would breathe into the mouth of a stranger to save their life, but you wouldn't to a pet that has been a part of your family for years?

I hate it that people think that pets are so disposable. Granted, I don't think I'd spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgeries to save the life of my pet, but I sure would drop a few minutes of my time to try to get them breathing again, save them from shock or heat stroke or even save their leg if it was broken.

It wasn't just CPR, it was also First Aid, which is where I learned the most. Just common everyday accidents - cuts, sprains, etc. The end result is still usually the vet's office, but the little bit that you can do for your pet can make the vet bill quite a bit cheaper!