Thursday, January 15, 2009

Temps, awards, Bud, tabs, Vicks, bugs and a bunch of other crap

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the color green and the number 1256.
1. Whats the coldest temps you've experienced? Well, right now it's -30 outside. Schools finally closed for the first time this year because of the cold. It's pushing -50 windchills out there too. This is probably the coldest, or close to... but I know I've been in this weather before. I live in Minnesota for Gods sake! It's about time we get some real weather.
2. Whats for dinner tonight? Something with venison hamburger. Maybe spaghetti or something.
3. Would you consider this job in Australia? I would. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I should apply, whats it hurt, right?
4. What was your favorite subject in high school? Composition/Creative Writing or Psychology.
5. How many hours a day is your tv on? During the week, about 6. Weekends, about 15.
6. Have you ever received an award? I don't remember ever receiving an award.
7. Whats your mousepad look like? It has "Perfectly Imperfect" printed on it.
8. Do you think Bud should do the Thursday Thunk meme? Yeah, I really think he should. I mean... it's Thursday - what else does he have to do today?
9. How many browser tabs do you have open right now? This one, the ThursdayThunk one and Facebook.
10. If you are a parent, have you or did you ever put Vicks VapoRub on your children under the age of 2? Yes I did and I don't understand why it suddenly doesn't work.
11. If you had to pick one insect to infest your house for 1 day and after that day they would just suddenly vanish, which insect infestation would you pick? Butterflies!!!
12. What color is your underwear that you are wearing right at this moment? Yellow SpongeBob SquarePants ones with blue stitching.
13. What was the last think you watched on tv? Our local FoxNews last night.
14. What are your plans for the 4th of July this year? What day of the week is it on? Who seriously came up with this stupid question? I'll probably be out at the lake.... in 80 or 90 degree weather.....
15. Tell us about one absolutely wonderful thing that happened to you as a teenager and every time you think of it, it brings a smile to your face. It's not really one thing at one certain time, it's all the times that I spent just hanging out at my house with my friends. One group in particular - it was a bunch of guys that were quite a few years younger than I was, the "bad kids" of town. I guess I sorta took them under my wing. One summer in particular I don't know how many games of 500 we played, but we played day after day after day on my living room floor. To get those days back again.... I really miss those boys. One of them found me on Facebook recently... it's nice to know at least one of them is doing ok and not in prision.
16. What product could you sell someone based on your love for it? Sams Choice Peanut Butter Cups!