Sunday, June 14, 2009

Useless Meme Questions Take 983

Sunday Stealing: The Blue Rene Meme

1. What thing is nearest to you ?
Duh. The laptop. Ok, technically my coffee cup is between me & the laptop, so it's closer, but I'm touching the laptop and not the coffee cup...

2. What is your ringtone ?

The Addams Family Theme Song

3. What was the last message in your inbox ?

A Google news alert for Kendra Wilkenson

4. Who is your best friend ?
Have we not gone over this before? Kimber is my best friend, but Melissa is my bestest friend.

5. What is the brand of your TV ?
Vizio or something. I'm not going to look. The husband didn't want to buy it because he'd never heard of the brand before but I argued with him because it was a lot cheaper than the Sonys & Magnavoxs.... come to find out Vizios are the top sellers right now. I love it when I prove something to him.

6. What schools did you attend?
Albany Elementary, Rockford Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Madison Middle School, then Albany Elementary again, Farming Elementary, Albany Jr High, Albany High School and finally St Cloud Technical College.

7. Do yo
u own a MP4 ?

8. What song are you listening to now ?

9. Did you kiss anybody in the past 2 days ?

of course. The husband and I gave his grandma a kiss on the cheek yesterday.

10. Have you ever kissed someone you met in the blogosphere?
um.... no.

11. What would you want to call if you weren't your current name ?
this question is fricken halarious to say out loud.

12. Would you be happy if you had everything ?
Define everything.

Define happy.

13. Are you always thinking of someone special?
No, I constantly think of people that are not special.

14. Tell us of your most desperate dream?
Desperate? As in nightmare? The sleestaks were coming after me, but Enik saved me....

15. When did you last laugh till you cried?
I don't remember, but I think it's long overdue.

16. If you had a crush, would you tell them you love him/her now ?
Ok. I have a
crush on you.

Now you gotta figure out why exactly I'm talking to.

17. If you could
be anywhere in the world now, where would you want to be ?
at the lake, fishing. Wow I really am boring, ain't I?

18. When was your heart last broken?
when I found out how bad it was at school for Demon #2 with being picked on

19. Whose birthday(s) is/are coming up?
my nephews

20. How many email accounts do you have?

3 and yes I use them all.