Monday, May 11, 2009

Holy crap!!!!

I just realized that this Saturday marks the day that I officially become a mom of not only one, but TWO fricken teenagers! This ain't right. Seriously people. I am not old enough to have 2 teens. It can't happen.... but it's gonna, isn't it? Holy crap.

And the last 13 years went.... where?

Unbelievable. What I wouldn't give for those terrible twos again. And don't any of you toddler moms come chewing my ass telling me how insane I am for saying that - I lived through the terrible twos, twice. And the terrifying threes... and guess what? It's a piece of fricken cake compared to the years ahead. Now instead of my sweet babies crying and running towards me when they are hurt, they run for their room and slam the door and scream "LEAVE ME ALONE!".

Terrible twos. Ha!

You ain't seen a tantrum until you've seen a PMS crazed teen.

Shamless Plugs....

Just taking the time to share some links for ya...

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Yeah, that.

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