Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What my girls did today

They went to school. Not really sure what that all consisted of because I wasn't there. Demon #1 got home at 3:20 and irritated me for about a hour with saying nothing but "moo", but I couldn't help but bust out laughing everytime she did it. She helped me make supper and then while she set the table at 4:55, I ran to pick up Demon #2 from swimming. When she got in the car I was greeted with; "Mommy, you better have supper ready because I'm hungry!". Which I then used the ride home to make her come up with better greetings to greet her mother with. I also threatened her with the fact that we only live 6 blocks from school and I should make her walk instead of being a nice mommy and driving to pick her up. We got home, woke dear old dad up who was sleeping on the couch, had supper and then I cleaned up the supper mess, the girls played a game and the husband went back to his nap.

I spent the entire day on the computer today..... 95% of it was creating an Easter line in my store.

It's been 39 days since I quit smoking but I almost had one today.

I'm sorry, those last 2 comments were about me. This is supposed to be about the demons.

I think this is the most boring blog post I've written yet.

A Kittilicious Did You Know: Did you know that if you mess with a mama bear's cubs she will not think twice about killing you?


Maybe I post too many pictures of Saki and not enough of the kids. Well, did you know that I keep the kids in a kennel, too? We had to buy a bigger one just to fit them all!

We dress her up, too....

Why are the Demons called demons?

Some of you are maybe wondering why I call my children "Demon #1" and "Demon #2". It has absolutely nothing to do with their behavior, looks or anything of the sort. It started way back in 1994 when I was pregnant with Demon #1. She was an active baby and at times it looked like I was going to birth an alien out of my belly button. Not knowing if this little baby was female or male, I started calling it "the demon spawn seeded from the devil himself"... because she was a difficult pregnancy and - jokingly - I'd blame the husband - her father - the devil - for doing this to me.

When I became pregnant the 2nd time, it was just natural to call that one a demon, too. Although she was the easiest pregnancy a woman could ask for... and the BEST baby!!! Far from a demon, thats for sure, but the names stuck.

So anyone out there who thinks I call my children demons because I don't like them or can't control them or they are these awful children... it's far from the truth. Sometimes assumptions do only one thing... makes an ass out of people and it's usually the person doing the assuming.

Demon #1's other nickname is Monster - for the same pregnancy reasons. Demon #2's nickname is Bear because it sounds cute with "Krissy". Are those bad nicknames for kids? You be the judge.

Bad comments and bad parenting

If you have ever left a negative comment here you will notice it doesn't stay long. I hate negativity. With anyone.

Someone decided to tell me I was a bad parent because I don't post about my kids much. My life revolves around my animals and my quitting smoking and not enough on my children.

This is a blog that any random person can read and it's about me and I have control over what I want to put into it. If I want to talk about puppies and cigarettes I will.

If you look at my blog labels you will see what I talk about most often.

I talk about what I feel like talking about at any given time. I really fricken love chocolate, but do I clutter this blog with it? No. I love to read, do you see book recommendations all over? No. I love sex with my husband, do you see details about it? No.

And one thing - if you don't like what someone is writing about... stop reading it.

Stupid comments made by strangers explain why I don't dive into the very personal life of myself or my children on a public blog.