Saturday, November 01, 2008

Words Ending in TER ~ I Say You Answer

~Words Ending in TER ~ I Say You Answer~
1. My my bread & butter... and jelly

2. Tap Water...might not be as good as bottled water, but it's cheaper! And I often wonder if it's not just tap water in those bottles anyway.

3. Mystery Writer...never really understood the point.

4. Sign of Winter...long johns!

Camera Critters Version 11.01

We've had an interesting week in the feline department. (I've talked about her here and here) My parents found a kitten that was starving and even though they aren't the most "animal lovers" they couldn't leave her. I took her home to litterbox train her, but she is now all cozy at my parents house. It's been a tough week for that little girl, who they have named "Princess". She was abandoned (or lost, we aren't sure), she was starving, found, taken home, vaccinated, dewormed, rehomed.. and yet she seems to have adjusted very nicely. She's still a little sick (a little kitty cold) but she seems to be doing very well.

Some of these pictures I've already blogged, but I'm sharing them again because they are perfect for the Camera Critters meme.

As you can see, she took to the dogs IMMEDIATLEY, but she wanted NOTHING to do with the other cats and she never did warm up to them. She's a one-cat-per-house kind of kitty, but dogs are allowed! Saki really took to her and the mothering instinct set in, I think. Saki is officially a year old next week. The kitty, Princess, got more baths from Saki than I think she got from her kitty-mama.

Chico liked her too, but not as much as Saki did. I think the fact that the kitten tried to nurse off of him turned him off.

Halloween, football and why I'll never be president

Halloween went better than I expected. Our high school football team was at the semi-finals out of town last night so everyone figured that, no pun intended, that this town would be a ghost town. We had quite a few kids, it was fun. A friend of ours who I used to work with pulled up in his hearse for his yearly drive through town dressed up as the Grim Reaper. Gotta love him.

Our team got their ass kicked. We usually have these obnoxious scores of 64-0 or something stupid like that and they sulked away with a 30-0 loss. To quote this mornings news:

“They just seem to go to the state tournament every year,” said New London-Spicer fullback Taylor Dammermann of the Huskies, who have been to state 18 times since 1974.

See? I love my high school and all that, but these constant trips to the prep bowls gets old.....

And I decided this morning that I will never run for president of the United States. Sorry to disappoint you all, but I'd be screwed. I've spent the last few weeks listening to all of these people (ok I'm not just talking about the presidential candidates here) apologizing for things that they said that somehow or another were taken out of context. Or not apologizing, whatever. Like McCain and his "that one" comment. I honestly didn't even catch any offensiveness when I heard him say it and I still think it's the stupidest thing to make headlines and end up on t-shirts all over the country. I'd say something stupid the first day of my campaign, I know I would. I say stupid things at least 10 times a day. Sometimes just to the dogs or the cats and I'm sure they are offended, but luckily they can't tell me they are and thankfully, if I ever did run for a position, they can't dial the phone and tell people the stupid things I've said.
With the end in sight I hope everyone has made up their minds by Tuesday. I don't know how they can - there is so much mudslinging going on that both of the candidates look like complete assholes. I'm just voting for who the majority of my family is voting for. At least they told me good things about the dude.
And then... we have these states who have this electronic voting machines problem. Votes being switched, votes not being counted. WTF? I head some guy say on some news station last night that we can stick a card in an ATM and get cash and our bank knows exactly how much we took out, we can buy a lottery ticket and not have that messed up but the government can't figure out a voting machine? I think it's time to go back to the old fashioned "check here if you wish to vote for this person". Lets hope it's not another year of a 6 year wait to see who will win.

I'm sure it will be a close race, so I could see it happening.

And today the husband is headed out to sight in the gun he's using next weekend for deer hunting. And do a bunch of other stuff, too I guess. He'll be gone for 10 days.... that's gonna be strange. Well, less than that if they get their limit of deer. That'd be sweet. I want a freezer full of venison hamburger when this is all said and done! Num Yummy.