Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lather Up, Laugh It Up, And Have A Colorful Day!

Did anyone happen to notice that I was a dumbass and forgot to do the TT last week???

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the number 1172007 and the color of the walls in an asylum.

1. Does soap or shampoo have to really lather up for you to feel that it cleaned throughly?
Damn skippy it does! If it don't lather, it don't do it's job.

I like bubbles.

2. Do you have a long standing joke with someone that you still laugh about every time you talk to that person?
Green hairy frogs walking down a country road in the country....

3. Share something that happened to you this past week that was unusual.
Um... no, not really.

4. If you dropped a purple crayon and a green crayon off a roof, which would melt faster in the sun?
I don't know, but damn! I thought I came up with the strange ones.

5. You are standing in line (grocery store, bank, etc.), and someone gets in line behind you that stinks. The stink is so bad that people in line in front of you turn around and look to see if you are the one causing the stink. Do you cover your nose, hold your breath, breathe through your mouth or just get out of line altogether?
Ok sadly this happens far too often to me. See, living in a farming community you get farmers that don't realize that the shit on their boots stinks and when they go from the barn to the grocery store... the smell comes with them.

6. If you dropped your cell phone in the toilet, would you fish it out? If so, how much soap would you use to wash your hands afterwards?
Wouldn't you have to? I mean, it wouldn't flush would it? And how much soap? One squirt. I don't have issues with germs. I eat them for breakfast.

7. Sydney Australia dust storm (link). How long do you think it would take you to clean your house after that sort of dust storm?
When it happens I'll let you know.

8. Do you think you can dance?
I know I can't.

9. You are out to eat and someone across the room is staring at you. Do you get paranoid, try to ignore them, or go find out why they are staring at you?
Ever see paranoia at it's peak?

10. Come up with a crazy, wacky Thursday Thunk question.
No. But Kimber love, I hope you know that since you asked this - you get to keep track of the answers this time.