Sunday, April 27, 2008

Drum Roll, Please....

Today is a very special day. A milestone. It's pretty amazing that we are now talking triple-digit numbers now. Today is, officially, 100 (one-hundred)... not 99, not almost 100, not 90something... but 100 days since the husband & I quit smoking!
Neither one of us finished the Chantix prescription, but please... don't take that as that you shouldn't if you are on it. My parents have both quit smoking a few weeks before us and they both are still on the prescription.
I still find this drug amazing... and coming from me, thats a huge thing. I hate any kind of medicine. When the husband called me that one morning back in December and told me that cigarette prices were going up in Wisconsin....

.... Cig prices went up in Minnesota a long time ago. But being married to a truck driver, we get the luxury of price shopping between states. He goes to Wisconsin everyday and cigarettes were $10/carton cheaper there after the MN prices went up, so... he bought our vice every week.....

..... so he called me and said they were going up and that we should quit. There was this rush of panic that went through me. He'd said it before and somehow I always talked him out of it... but this time? I didn't think I could talk him out of it, maybe I didn't want to, I don't know, but I didn't want to quit. As stupid as that sounds, I didn't. I think only a smoker can understand that thinking. I mean, why would you want to continue bringing smoke into your lungs, right? Dumb, yep.

So I agreed. Yes, it's time. I called the doc and got the meds and we started them... if you've followed along in the beginning on this blog you read how easy it really was. This drug is amazing. It made me, someone who had no interest in quitting smoking, not want a cigarette.

Ok, sure, yeah... I guess part of me had to want to quit or I still wouldn't be a non-smoker.

Do I still want one? Yep. Everyday. Not all the time, but at least once everyday. At the strangest times, too, like - as I type this, because I'm talking about it. Makes me think of it, so I want one.

And, yes, I gained weight. 20lbs to be exact. I don't care about that, either. I'm still not fat, just a little chubby. I can live with that.

So today is 100 days without a cigarette. I think I'll celebrate with a hot fudge sundae.