Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Rambles

So I dropped $25 on a month of advertising over at MomBloggers for (thats my store!). It will be interesting to see if I get any sales... much less hits from it. Maybe I just threw $25 out the window, who knows.

Did a RSS feed of the forums to here today, too. Maybe that will bring someone over. Now you can look over to the right side of this page and see if anything we ramble about interests you - then go there and ramble about it yourself. Then play in the arcade because it's the cool thing to do.

The husband called me at 6:30 this morning, got my ass out of bed... I was comfortable, too... to tell me that the cops were on a manhunt for some dude right outside of town at 4am. Helicopters with search lights and everything. I missed all the excitement. Still haven't heard anything else about it though. Gotta remember, I live in a small town - things like this are like government takeover type news.

I guess I didn't miss all the excitement... I had a dream last night that I got married and then realized... shit, I'm already married! So I was trying to figure out how to get unmarried to the 2nd guy before the cops found out.

... the 2nd guy was Jason. It was so fricken weird. Never did figure out who the 1st husband was. I wonder if it was Mel Gibson?

My feet are being warmed up by a golden furry blanket. I knew she'd be good for something.

Why am I doing this? I really don't know.

Strange Thursday.

Thursday Thunks Version 7.10

Welcome to the 6th week of Thursday Thunks!

This week we will answer:
If you knew that every minute of the next 24 hours of your life would be recorded on camera, is there anything you would NOT do that you normally do everyday?

Remember it's YOUR choice on what to do with this question! You can answer it with text, pictures... whatever! Be creative - think about it.

.... and tell your friends!

I'd spend just a little bit more time cleaning my house... just for the cameras, of course.

I would do some major damage on my bladder, too, because who wants a camera watching you pee? I'd skip my shower, too. Every minute, people! I'd make sure I didn't pick my nose, burp or fart and I wouldn't eat with my mouth open.

Not that I do any of that, I'd just make sure I didn't.

I would do really cool crafts with my demons, take them to the library and a nature walk. For the cameras, of course. I want everyone to think know I'm a wonderful mother. I've always wanted to appear to be one of those snapshot moms - a soccer mom type. I could do the soccer mom thing for a day - just for the cameras, of course.