Sunday, June 08, 2008

My weekend- snowmobiling in June?

I'm doing it again this week - throwing all memes together.

We headed to South Dakota for a summer snowmobile show. Went there on Thursday... slept through down pouring thunderstorms Thursday night... spend the day Saturday fighting 30-40mph winds... but Saturday turned out great!For Camera Critters... Saki met a friend. Belle is owned by everybody... well, she actually belongs to a friend of ours, Dan, who is also into this whole vintage snowmobile thing. Belle just runs wherever she wants, but never goes too far away. She hung around with Saki most of the weekend, though. They got accused of being mother/daughter once !

Because of the rain... it was muddy... so Saki & Chico had to stay in the crate when they weren't out running around.
For PhotoHunt, which this week is hair - it seemed rather fitting on Saturday. If you didn't have a hat on... you had hair in your face. 40mph wind will do that to ya! (yes, that's me!)and my weekly winners are..... and this all goes for Wordless Wednesday & Weekend Snapshot, too!