Saturday, January 16, 2010

You might be a mom if.....

You might be a mom if the following happens or has ever happened to you:

* You have a favorite children's television show, and you get a little miffed if your child would rather watch THEIR favorite show.
* You've ever been at the same table with another family and had their child vomit everywhere and you weren't phased at all. You just jumped right into action with helping and cleanup.
* You carry a handbag costing more than $400 and you have Binkies and sippy cups inside it.
* You went ahead and bought the M&M Minis just this once because you knew your day would be a living hell otherwise.
* You prefer a Christmas ornament made of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners to your expensive Waterford crystal ornament which commemorates your first Christmas together.
* You've ever had to eat a meal off a plate with Elmo staring back at you.
* You child has cuter and trendier clothes than you do.
* You have largely converted to using plastic "glassware" instead of the real stuff because it just gets dropped and broken all the time.
* You know the words to "Goodnight Moon" by heart and could recite it word for word if your life depended on it.
* You've just changed a wet diaper only to have the new one soiled within five minutes.
* You are well versed in the differences between 24 months and 2T.
* You've ever had to pray that the washer and dryer would hurryhurryhurryhurryplease! so that someone could get their special friend back.
* You've ever kissed someone's tiny toes and feet on purpose, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so.
* You've ever prayed/hoped/wished time would speed up just a little bit so your little one could feel better faster.
* You've ever applied Monster Repellent to a child's bedroom.
* You know what Sippy Cup Cheese is.
* You can find one of the following in your vehicle: broken crayon, rotten sippy cup, spare binky, spilled french fries, discarded juice box(es), permission slip that was due last week.

Copied this from someone...but I wanna know where in the hell there is a mom carrying around a $400 handbag? Was this written by Angelina Jolie or something?? I don't think I've ever owned a purse that cost more than $20 and I'm pretty sure I've never even hit the $20 mark.