Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tats, blogs, swimming in your favorite shirt and Oh so much more!

1. Obama tattoos. What do you think of people who got one?
  • I think they are pretty stupid. What if the dude turns out to be another Bush or Nixon?
2. How many blogs do you read a day, and do you always comment?
  • 5-10, depends on the day. There are 4 that I go to each day regardless. Do I always comment? No. I am awful that way. I guess I should. I'm a loser.
3. Do you know to swim?
  • I know how to, I just don't like to. It's that submersion in water thing that I have.
4. Describe your favorite shirt.
5. What is one thing that is ALWAYS on your grocery list? Extra points for imagination and creativity. biggrin.gif
  • Peanut Butter Cups. Not very creative, but truthfull.
6. Have you ever done any acting?
  • Just to my parents when I was a kid. And a cop once - maybe I should have pursued acting... if you can convince a cop you aren't drunk and that nobody drank in your house even though there was a counter full of empty bottles... you should win an award. I should have.
7. I just made a delicious smelling dinner with mystery meat. Will you have some?
  • as long as all your pets and kids are still in the house where I can see them I don't care.
8. If you are driving in the rain and you see a person walking along the road, do you intentionally try to splash them?
  • Depends on who they are. My kids? You bet your ass I do.
9. Yearbooks- do you still have any from school?
  • Yeah, all of them. Does that make me a nerd?
10. What kind of shampoo do you use?
  • I go between Suave, Pantene and Dove. Depends on my mood.
11. And just to counter Ber's first question from last week.... What's the hottest temps you have experienced?
  • Probably 105 or so. But it's the humidity that'll kill ya....

Thursday Thunks... it's what we do on Thursdays.... Now go get your butt over there and play with us....