Saturday, November 08, 2008

Camera Critters - 11.8 - Happy Birthday Saki!

Camera Critters
It's hard to believe, but Saki turned a year old yesterday! Of course, we haven't had her a year yet... she was 10 weeks old when we got her, but yesterday she turned a year old!!
In that short 10 months, it's amazing to think of life without her.
She has become my shadow, even now she's at my feet as I type this. When she hears me grab my car keys - she's at the door ready to go with! And she usually does go with... she's so spoiled.
I go to sleep each night with her on the floor next to our bed but somehow during the night she sneaks into the bed, unnoticed, and I wake up with a big golden butt in my face. And what a bed hog she is! But dumb me, I move over in my sleep to give her room... enough room for her to spread out sideways in the bed. Of course if the husband is in bed she sleeps in between us. Lucky for her he leaves at 3am, so she gets a few hours of comfortable sleep.

And since the husband is deer hunting this week... guess who gets the bed the whole night?

Happy Birthday, Saki. We wouldn't trade you for the world.
We've already had one offer from someone to sell her... no way, no how. There isn't enough money. The guy said "how about a million?" and I didn't even flinch... there is no amount that could get me to sell her.

Plus, she makes a good foot warmer.