Monday, July 07, 2008

Go read this potty mouth

If I could write something like this, I'd be a millionaire. Ok maybe not, because Jenny isn't (I don't think she is... are you, Jenny?)
For moms of daughters... you gotta read this.

I'll give you a tease, but then you gotta go read the rest yourself. I am not going to be responsible for stomach pains and spilled coffee.

......having 3 little girls...I have changed my tampon in front of them more times than not. It's just the way it is. I think of it as a learning experience.

So, we're in the "big stall" and the girls all go potty first, then I start my process.

As I'm doing my business, I hear one of my evil children say...LOUDLY..."Does it hurt when you put it in?".......
Hurry up... go read it!!!

Oh, and check out her golden babies while you are there, too! Give her Maxwell some luvin's, too, his tummy wasn't feeling well :(