Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Watermelon Undies, Famous Lovers, Lemon Killers & Rain

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the color crimson and the number 34 (as in days left in the year).

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1. Today is the biggest day in your chosen career. You have THE job interview. Everything must be spot on. As you are getting dressed, you realize Oops!, you forgot to do laundry. You have NO clean underwear. What do you do? Go commando, wear yesterday's dirty undies, wear them inside out, buy new ones on the way to the interview or just say screw it and go back to bed? Inside out? LMAO Who the heck does that? I'd just wear yesterdays I suppose... I hate the feel of commando. The husband is usually commando, I think he's nuts. (no pun intended, of course)

2. If you took a fully cooked turkey and a ripe watermelon and dropped them from 50 ft up, which would make a bigger splat and mess? I'd say the watermelon. Lets test it!

3. An ex lover, friend, or spouse is in a serious accident, they have lost their current memory and think you 2 are still together. S/he keeps calling for you from their hospital bed. The family calls begging you to come visit until s/he regains current memory. Do you go? It honestly, completely & truly honestly depends on what ex we are talking about.

4. You have the opportunity to meet your favorite famous person. You have heard the person isn't nice in real life. Do you go ahead and meet them or choose to keep your fantasy of them real to you? Why or Why not? My fantasy man is a drunk, thinks he's holier than thou, doesn't like Jews and thinks he's the Pope... I'd still do him.

5. Do you like lemons? Do you use them to clean with or just as a food source? Never put much thought into it. I loved giving them to my girls when they were little and got them to suck on them just so I could laugh at their faces afterward!

6. If chosen to be in a horror/suspense movie, would you do it? If so, would you be willing to be the first person killed in the movie? When I first read this I thought it was asking if I wanted to be killed or kill, which I'd want to be the killer, but now that I read it.... Sure I would. Kill me whenever.

7. It's raining. It's cold. You cannot leave the house. How do you spend the day? Blogging & working.


I am an addict when it comes to my morning rituals. I get up, let the dogs out, make coffee, go empty my bladder, grab a cup of coffee, let the dogs back in, sit down at my laptop, sip my coffee and go through a various selection of websites that include forums, Facebook and news. One of my first sites I go to is our regional newspaper to check out the obituary's. I heard you start doing that more often the older you get, so I guess I must be old because it's a daily thing for me.
I'm always saddened when I see anyone under the age of 18, especially babies. What a devastating loss to that family. Then, as the holidays approach, I am saddened by all of them. Even those 102 year old great-great grandmas that have had such a wonderful full life being a wife, mom, aunt, sister, grandma, great grandma... to lose anyone so close to the holidays is so heartbreaking. I can't imagine how these people must feel at their dinner table on Thanksgiving or Christmas knowing that in the days after they have to say goodbye to a loved one.
Whats funny about my thinking is that I should be able to imagine it. Sometime around Thanksgiving in 1980 my mom went into the hospital because of a heart attack. Just days before my birthday, which is December 11th, we lost her. Maybe this is why the obits bother me this time of year, I don't know, but I don't remember this time of year that year. I remember Christmases before she died, but I can't remember the one right after. I know we celebrated it because I've been told, but the memory has been wiped from my mind. Protection maybe? Maybe it was a sad and miserable time for my older brothers and sister and my dad, I would assume so, but I don't remember. I was 8 years old that year and I know many people who have crystal clear memories of that time in their life, but I have what I like to call a patchwork memory. Just bits and peices.
My moms parents were both passed many years ago. Her father when she was a toddler I believe and her mother when she was 16. My dad's dad died in the 60s and his mother a year after my mom died. I was telling him yesterday that one thing I miss having, which we never had, was going to a grandparents house for the holidays (grandma was in a nursing home and we did visit her, but we didn't have a "family dinner" or anything). We didn't even go to aunts or uncles... its always just been our immediate family. I envy you readers who have a grandparent to go visit tomorrow - or on Christmas - even if you are visiting in a nursing home or some other similar place. My girls have it and I hope someday they realize how special it really is. My husband even had his grandparents, both sets, up until 2 years ago when he lost both grandpas. I have "adopted" his paternal grandma as the grandma I never had. She is the picture of the perfect little white haired grandma who cooks & cleans and lives for her kids & grandkids. Luckily I get that "grandma" experience through my husband and I remind him quite often how lucky he really is.
So the moral of my rambling - if you are one of those lucky ones to go visit a grandparent during the holidays or even both of your parents... no matter how messed up your family dynamics are, remember how blessed you really are to still have them. Thats what the holidays are about afterall.