Thursday, May 29, 2008

What the hell are you doing?

Yeah, yeah I know... stop with the fricken changes already, would ya?

I can't help it... I'm never happy and I get bored with things easy. I have another excuse... if you haven't already gone and got yourself a wide-screen monitor - don't. Seriously, don't do it. It makes everything look all messed up and cock-eyed. Thats why I'm never happy with my blog now - it looks stupid.

I'll get over it. I promise.

Rained all day today. But hey... if you are paying attention to the things I plan on blogging about... I can scratch the "how to kill a rose bush" off my list....


In fact, it came back... and my rose tree came back!

*doing the happy dance two times over*

Can't wait 'till they bloom... I may have to redo my blog to make it my background image!

Whoa... what did that have to do with rain?

Do I suck at spelling???

So my best bud, Kimberella decided to put me on the spot and try to correct the spelling of my title for this fancy-dancy blog.
BTW Ber a asylum jacket I *think* is spelled Strait like the country singer. Hmmm we could start a debate about that. Wanna?

She asked for it... lets debate it.

How do you spell it?