Thursday, April 24, 2008

Project Green.

Project Green. Take Four.I'm late getting in on the green projects! I was all ready to do the Project Yellows, but then it was over. :( Hope the green goes for awhile... I took a whole bunch of green pictures this morning!

If you are looking at your screen, thinking "she's officially lost it", don't freak out too much ... go here and it will explain everything!

.... oh, btw... thats a green twist tie on my countertop!


My rose bush might not be dead... there's some green on it. Not green growing stuff like leaves or anything, but the wood part (this is how you kill a rose bush; know nothing about them!) - there's some green on there!!

and no, it's not mold.

Only time will tell.... but I ain't calling it dead yet.

My lilies are coming up already, but you gotta have a black thumb to kill a lily.