Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thurnesday Thunks high on helium

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of red gummie bears and the number 1 because ... I don't know, because I'm not that creative today...

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1. Does anyone ever wonder: who would go to my funeral if i die?
- I do. I wonder how many people who I hadn't seen when I was alive for many many years will show up.....

2. Sometimes people just make you scrunch up your nose and give that "WTF?" look. Who was the last person you gave that look to?
- The cat. I couldn't understand why he thought the inside of the dogs' ear tasted so good

3. A friend recently told you that she tricked her boyfriend into getting her pregnant. You are also very close friends with him, should you say something or keep it to yourself?
- I'd probably keep my mouth shut.

4. Do you get light headed after sucking the helium from a balloon?
- I honestly have no idea

5. What is the last website you look at each day?
- probably Facebook.

6. Since this is a Thursday meme, but we post it on Wednesday, shouldn't this be called Thurnesday Thunks?
- I still can't figure out why we post it on Wednesday anyway.

7. So some school in Chicago is banning kids from eating bag lunches from home, forcing them to eat school lunches. Hey, I ain't making this crap up, seems the governement doesn't trust parents to feed their kids. Go see for yourself - Back in the day, did you eat school lunches or did you bag it?
- I don't remember ever bringing a lunch to school. I usually ate whatever the school gave and then stole food off my friends plates. I was hungry while I was growing.

8. You can say you don't watch the news until you are blue in the face, but everyone has some news story that caught their attention and they followed stories on. Murders, kidnappings, dirty politics, stupid celebrities..... whatever. Which one caught your attention (even if you didn't want it to)?
- lately it's been the Teen Mom 2 crew. I wanna know whats going on with Leah's one daughter.

9. What condiment is always in your fridge?
- if cheese were a condiment, I'd say that, but it's not so I'll go with mustard. Not that anyone really uses it, but it's always there.

10. You can hug it, pet it and squeeze it and if you really want to you can name it George. What mythical creature would you have as a pet?
- Bigfoot. Just so I could hide him and giggle when people say he doesn't exist.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Calendar events are scary when they are new colors

Welcome to the April 8th edition of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want.
Write about it on your blog... simple as that.
Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!
Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post.
Don't forget to go visit the other participants' blogs.
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That's what all this is about after all, isn't it?
We'll have so much fun and become lifelong friends....

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of my dad's shirt and the number 77, which is how old my dad is today....
*We will now be publishing updates for Thursday Thunks on Facebook via the InsanityCafe fanpage. Please "like" us there to get your TT reminder!

Sorry it's late this week. No excuses. Just forgot what day it was.

1. How long can you hold your breath? Don't tell me you don't know... try it.
I just did 47 seconds.
2. Have you been watching the
Decorah Eagles?
Yes, it's fricken addicting. Got my parents watching it too. We call each other for updates... LOL The 3rd baby hatched finally! And damn... it must stink in that nest with all that dead stuff.

3. Ever fallen off a horse?
Yep. And then I got back on.

4. Pick a color and a number and come up with a combination name for the new color.
I'll pick any number in the teens and pink. So pinkteen. Thats a fun color!

5. Write a paragraph about 10 minutes of your morning, writing it in the 3rd person.

6. What events have you marked on your calendar for this summer already?
bridal showers, weddings, camping trips, bike rides, fishing trip. Ack!

7. If you could have any realistic talent, what would it be?

8. What is the scariest place you've ever visited?
the parking lot of a gas station in my brother's van on our trip to Sturgis. It was my brother's girlfriend, her sister & I. A pack of Bandidos were far too interested in the 2 bikes we had in the back of the van.

9. If you were a cat, what already-made flavor of cat food (no chocolate flavors!) would you want to eat?
The trukey gravy always sounded good to me.

10. What were you doing the Friday 2 weeks ago in the afternoon?
*looks at calendar* Well that didn't help any. Probably sitting at home on the computer.

Have a great day. Or not. See you next Thursday.