Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Love Story

Today, which I almost forgot about, is Jason & my 13 year anniversary. I just googled what you are supposed to get for a 13th year and it's lace. Woohooo! Although I'd be much happier with just a Reeses. Yes, I'm a simple person.

Today, like many other days during the year, I sit back and think of how we got to where we are today. We have our very own love story with our very own happy ending! I always joke with the husband that we will never get divorced because I'm sick of getting back together with him.

Sit back and I'll tell you the story...

We met in Jr High, which I suppose was 1985 or something? Nothing really fantastic about those years except he dated my best friend and she broke his young, preteen heart, by breaking up with him. I always have to giggle at that one. Jr High came and went and we entered High School. I'd always had a "thing" for the husband, but why wouldn't I? He was the biker wannabe... long hair, rough looking... he was hot. I started dating a senior our freshman year, but that didn't stop little "incidents" throughout our high school years. There was a party where we got into a make-out session (while the guy I was dating looked on - obviously pissed... yeah, yeah, I was a bad teen). Then a year later somehow he ended up calling me... I don't remember how that came about... but he was in the next town over (where he lived), at a payphone. I invited him over and he needed a ride so he got one from someone, don't remember who. But just before he hung up the phone he said "I love you"... I laughed and said "yeah right".

To this day he says he was trying to tell me something...

We hung out that night for a little while, nothing much. I was dating someone else afterall.

Our senior year was finally there and wouldn't you know? We got nominated by our classmates as "Most Likely To Appear on a Wanted Poster". So we have a pretty picture in the yearbook with me standing next to the guy that just made my heart flutter everytime I saw him...

... which was everyday. Not because we were in a small school, but because our lockers were right next to each other! Oh the horror to have to see him everyday and want him that bad. Ugh.

Then came New Years Eve. I had no plans on how to bring in 1991 because I was pissed off at the guy I was dating. He was 28 (I was 18) and he didn't want to go out with me New Years Eve. I was pissed. I was hanging out with a friend named Tracy, who just happened to be a stepsister to.... yep, my future husband. We are driving around that night, being bored, when we drive down Main Street. "My brothers in the bar" Brakes slammed and we went in. (yes, we were 18 and going to a bar... it's small town Minnesota and it was still that time when you could get away with it... and get away with being served as a teen).

This is where the story gets a little "R-rated".

I walked into the bar, saw him and walked towards him... not knowing what to say to get his attention... so I said the first thing that came to mind. "You wanna get laid?"

I think it was 3 other guys that turned around and said "yes". Luckily, the husband did too. So I took him home with me and... well... yeah, we did. It was the first time, though! In all the years we spent chasing each other, this was the first time. So we did and he left.

The next day he came over because he forgot his lighter (I say he left it on purpose because he never left his lighter anywhere any other time) and we went out to a movie that day... Edward Scissorhands. A few days later I dumped the "old guy" and a few days after that, the husband & I were official.

To shorten the story... we went out until the summer after graduation (he lived with my parents & I for awhile after graduation), broke up. Got back together a month or so later, broke up. (he even threw rocks at my window to wake me up one of the nights we got back together!) Got back together a week or so later, broke up. Then there was the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. He was supposed to call me that night... he never called. I was pissed. I was stubborn, so was he. We didn't talk for weeks. We broke up after that because we are both stubborn.

Hey... who knew he was stranded at a house with no phone? We didn't have cell phones back then, either.

Almost a year later ('92) we hook up again... funny how this one was. I was with some friends and we were in a nearby city. We were driving down the "main drag" when I look over and see a figure... literally an outline of a body standing in a dark parking lot... standing next to a vehicle. I knew just from the way he stood, it was him. We went back to the friends house and spent the night laying in each others arms on the couch. Out of the blue he asks "do you know what one word comes to mind?" and, of course, since I can't read his mind I have no clue. "Mine".

Heart melts on the spot. It's a sloppy, drippy mess instantly.

Ok, shortening again. I was a little messed up in the head at this time and for some reason I wanted to get married. The husband wouldn't so... well... I married someone else. Yeah, like a couple days after the "Mine" day. I was such an idiot. Such a complete idiot.

That was September... by May 1993 I had kicked my ex out of the house because, well, lets just say he wasn't a nice man. I have a scar on my forehead as proof of his undieing love for me.

I was sitting in the house one day that summer when I hear a crotch rocket (one of those misquito sounding motorcycles?). I knew who it was... wait, why would he have one of those? He loves Harleys. Why did I know that was him? I don't know to this day... but I knew instantly that the husband had just driven by my house. (Now, mind you, I lived in a town with a church, a bar and a store.. .and the bar & store where the same place) I got a ride on that bike that day... even though I still didn't understand why it was a Kawasaki and not a Harley.... he took off down the road and then slowed down. I asked him why he slowed down, thats when I found out we were doing over 100mph. I didn't care.. I had my arms around him again.

By fall I had moved in with him... there is some small parts to the story from that summer, but nothing much to put down here... and in December I got pregnant with Demon #1. In September '94 she was born and on this day in '95 we were married.

All we heard from our family and friends that day was "it took you long enough".

There is actually quite a few other small incidents that I could tell you about that make up this story, but I'd be typing forever and you wouldn't want to read it all anyway. Lets just say... when we were apart, somehow something would bring us back together. One of the weird things is how I met this girl, who eventually would become my bestest friend... although I didn't know at the time that she knew the husband.... and that her soon-to-be (now ex) husband was his best friend.

Did you catch that?

And that is why I am sick and tired of getting back together with him. So I told him that when we got married, that was it... we were stuck. No breaking up anymore, I was sick of it.

Happy Anniversary, Honey. Our love story might not be romance novel material, but it's ours. And I treasure ever single moment of it.


Kimber said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story I enjoyed reading. thank you!

Rae said...

Happy Anniversary and many more! From "Mom".

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