Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh and....

Decided to get my ass in gear and do some stuff to my InsanityWear shop. Always paying attention to SledderWear... always neglecting InsanityWear.

Bad. Bad.

Good for you snowmobile t-shirt junkies, though. (Yeah, new stuff at SledderWear.com too... but isn't there always?)

Anyway. After what feels like a year, I finally updated the "Whats New" section. Of course, some of the designs in there aren't even new anymore. Pathetic. Well, some of them are. There are new Valentines Day & St. Patrick's Day ones. Go check it out. You should... really. Because I said so.

So yeah. I did it. There you have it and now you know. And you are a better person now for knowing, too.

I'm gonna strike gold!

The husband caved in... I get a puppy!! And last night he informed me that out of all the breeds I like he thinks I should get a Golden Retriever.

Can you hear my heart melting?

Very soon I will be bringing one of these precious little faces home....

Stay tuned!

.... oh, the trade off on the puppy? Another sled. Oh well.