Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camera Critters version 3.31

Camera Critters
This week in Camera Critters Land:

Shot this one at the lake this afternoon... it's pretty in color, but I think it comes to life when I grayscale it!

Believe it or not, Saki isn't too sure about the water yet. She'll splash in it, but she won't dive in. There's lots of summer left, though!

We tried getting her to fetch a stick... even Chico wouldn't fall for it. He was trying to "paw" the stick to shore! LOL
and remember to keep your eyes open for a new blog meme, Thursday Thunks, coming soon!

PhotoHunt - Self - May 31st

self (yourself or part of you)
Me & my feet relaxing at the lake!

Friday, May 30, 2008

What to do in the rain....

Play in it, of course!!

We had a quick downpour tonight and I talked the girls into going out and playing in it. Hey.. you are only young once! Actually, Demon #2 asked if she could and I think she was surprised when I agreed - I had to talk her into doing what she had asked to do in the first place!

Didn't take long and they were soaked... I'm talking less than a minute. Huge drops. They were also cold and wanted to come in the house, but I had to make them wait until I got a picture first.... Then lets see... what can I find to take a picture of from inside the door without getting wet? This turned out strange - at first I was going to delete this picture until I realized that they look frozen. It's not a good picture, but yet it is...
The rain ended and the sun came out.. and I went out... and thats how we spent our Friday night...

Coming Soon to a blog near you....

Stay tuned for more information regarding "Thursday Thunks"!

We'll make you think....

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Summer vacation and blog designs.

Ok. I think I'm done... for now... changing things on my blog. See, I found this really cool blog yesterday and the hints, tips and step-by-step descriptions on how to do things rock my socks off. I just went with it.

I've done enough, like I said... for now. Now it's time to go back to regular scheduled blogging.

Today is the last day of school for the demons, which means it's the last day of my freedom as I know it. I enjoy my alone time each day... I still consider it needed from those toddler years. So next weeks starts the day after day excitement of trying to keep the demons occupied, happy and from killing each other. That is why I plan on spending a lot of time out at the lake this year. They can fish & swim until their hearts are content... I just might have to invest in a laptop pretty soon so I can blog while tanning.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What the hell are you doing?

Yeah, yeah I know... stop with the fricken changes already, would ya?

I can't help it... I'm never happy and I get bored with things easy. I have another excuse... if you haven't already gone and got yourself a wide-screen monitor - don't. Seriously, don't do it. It makes everything look all messed up and cock-eyed. Thats why I'm never happy with my blog now - it looks stupid.

I'll get over it. I promise.

Rained all day today. But hey... if you are paying attention to the things I plan on blogging about... I can scratch the "how to kill a rose bush" off my list....


In fact, it came back... and my rose tree came back!

*doing the happy dance two times over*

Can't wait 'till they bloom... I may have to redo my blog to make it my background image!

Whoa... what did that have to do with rain?

Do I suck at spelling???

So my best bud, Kimberella decided to put me on the spot and try to correct the spelling of my title for this fancy-dancy blog.
BTW Ber a asylum jacket I *think* is spelled Strait like the country singer. Hmmm we could start a debate about that. Wanna?

She asked for it... lets debate it.

How do you spell it?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Possibly the best dad t-shirt ever.

Every dad needs one of these t-shirts. Ok, every dad with daughters!

I think this one is even better than the "You Can't Scare Me I Have Daughters" shirt. Seriously. I really think so.

Maybe I'll be wrong, who knows.

Go buy one for your daddy! Remember Father's Day is almost here!!!!

Demon & the dog & Chico!

Had to get Chico in on it.... and the ending is more of the Demon & the dog where the demon thinks Saki is cheating!

Wordless Wednesday - Version 5.28

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nicotine & Stuff

Logged into the Chantix Support website today because I hadn't in awhile and I was greeted with the words:

"It's been 129 days since you quit."


"Not buying cigarettes may have saved you: $774"

Now, remember... the husband quit, too, so we can double that. And thats on the low end.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Memorial Wknd....

Well, we tried. Tornado Watches brought us home again today. Crappy weather all around - hazy, cold, windy. But we tried.

Thats the nice thing about camping at the lake - we are 5 miles from home. If the weather sucks, we can go home really easy. We aren't stuck having a miserable weekend if we don't have to.

But I did remember to grab my memory stick today, so I got a few pics.
The Husband
The lake was cold... 50some degrees, but that didn't stop Demon #2 from getting wet!

Saki's first trip to the lake... luckily she doesn't quite understand that she's looking at a big giant puddle. She still has 2 days until her stitches come out, so we had to keep her as dry as possible.
Next weekend we'll let her experience the real lake adventure!Demon #1 hung out in the hammock a lot.

and lets not forget the star of the day.... Happy Birthday Chico! He spent the day with his best friend, Saki, of course!As last week, I'm throwing this up for Weekly Winners, Weekend Snapshot and Camera Critters.

Try Again Sunday

Hoping for a better day today out at the lake... rain, rain, go away, come again another day.....

oh... and today maybe I'll remember the memory stick for my camera.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I'll be MIA this weekend.... I'm going FISHING!!!!

I'm gonna catch me one of these....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Naughty Thinking this morning

Guess I was thinking a little naughty this morning... I worked fairly long on these two snowmobile t-shirt designs, which I normally don't do (at least not as long as I did.) But anyway, here are the results -

Sledders Do It In The Snow

Sleds are like Women - You need to work on them for 3 hours to get a 15 minute ride!

Want them? Ok, go get them here.

I'm in a pissy mood.

I'll get over it soon, but I just need to let this out.

Slept like shit last night. Dog took over most of the bed and I couldn't push her out of the way because I was afraid I'd push where her stitches are, so I was a nice mama and let her be comfortable.

Stupid dog.

I get up this morning to find that she tore off the bandages on her paws even though she has the cone on. Two stitches are chewed out. Bandages are nowhere to be found.

I bet they are digesting.

Stupid dog.

She rings the bell... I put her out.

I get up, make coffee and go to the computer.

Dog wants back in.

Go back to the coffee maker and the fricken thing didn't make any coffee!!!!!! Turn it off, turn it back on... have to wait for my coffee again.

Stupid machine.

Dog rings the bell again to go out. I put her out.

She wants back in.

Stupid dog.

I start waking up the demon spawns from the devil himself. It took 1/2 hour to wake up #1, 45 minutes to wake up #2.

Stupid... ok, I won't say that.

Dog rings the bell again to go out. I put her out.

She wants back in.

Stupid dog.

Demons get up, start getting ready. Well, they only have 15 fricken minutes until the bus comes and they know I won't drive their sorry asses to school. As Demon #2 is walking through the kitchen I hold out her pill container to give her her pills and say "here Bear, take your pills"... she walks right by me and doesn't say a word. She proceeds to put her shoes on and I'm chewing her ass for not acknowledging the fact that I spoke words to her.

.... can I say it yet?

Dog rings the bell again to go out. I put her out.

She wants back in.

Stupid dog.

Demon takes the pills and goes outside.

I go upstairs and both demons left their bedroom lights on!

I really, really want to say it.......

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yes, dear readers, Kittilicious - The Blog has changed names to a Straight Jacket & a Padded Room.

Seemed more fitting with less than 365 days until I am the parent of two teenagers!

This weekend pretty much revolved around Demon #2's 12th birthday....

I'll throw it up for a Sunday WW, too!

Can't forget the Camera Critters, too!

Due to Saki's surgery, she isn't much of a photogenic canine this week, so Chico gets the limelight!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just a normal ring, please.

I love my friends & family, I really do but there are a certain few of them that I HATE to call. Why? Because they feel the need to have these stupid ass answer tones. Why do people use these? You choose something YOU like, but YOU never hear it... only people calling you do. I have a friend, love her to death, who has Ron White's "Tater Salad" comedy routine as the tone... so every time I call her I get to hear Ron White tell me about how when he was arrested the cop asked him if he was Ron "Tater Salad" White.

I've been hearing it for months... maybe years, even decades, I don't know.

I now hate it.

I was channel surfing yesterday and came across that and I just about threw the remote at the tv. SHUT UP!!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR DRUNKEN ESCAPES DID TO YOU!!!!

I now will never be able to watch/listen that one again.... and it was my favorite of his.

It's like a broken record. Why do people do this? The worst ones are of songs that you don't even know.. or can't understand because the quality is so shitty. People, just let it be. I just want to hear a ring - nothing more. Save this stuff for your own ring-tone... so YOU can hear it over and over and over and over again, leave the answer tones to just a plain old ring-ring.

Whats funny is that these people FORGET what they even have as their answer tones because THEY NEVER HEAR IT!!

"Oh I just love that song!"


If you have some family & friends who have stopped calling you or don't call you as often... do you have an answer tone? They just might be sick of hearing it.

Take it off.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Responsible Pet Owner, I Am (Don't let my human babies have surgery!)

I was a responsible pet owner and had my sweet baby spayed (and her dew claws removed... I think she thought they were actual thumbs because she always tried to use them as such. I have the scratches to prove it!!).

My poor Saki girl... she's so pathetic! When she goes potty or poop she makes me wanna cry! She stands there with those big puppy dog eyes crying "Mama, it hurts!!!". sad0146.gif

Chico is being a spaz, actually he's just being a typical canine, he's growling & barking at her every chance he gets - but he won't leave her side. Go figure.

Good God, please don't ever let one of my human babies have surgery... I won't be able to handle it.