Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Thunk Version 9.11

Welcome to the Thursday Thunks! Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

This week we will think about:

Pick somebody and tell us about them.

Who? I don't care who... tell us about your grandma, your plumber, the guy down the street that never opens his shades, the broad at the grocery store who you want to shove the plastic bags up her nose, the idiot who cut you off on the freeway yesterday, the little kid who held the door open for you and you were so in shock at the kindness that you forgot to say thank you... you pick. You are the one thinking about this, not me.

So who are you going to talk about?

.... and tell your friends! And....don't forget to link back to us and visit other's Thursday Thunks and comment! (thats the most important part, afterall.)

Praying for Garage Sales and Food Parties

I'll be MIA for the next few days - not that I'm regularly blogging or anything anyway. I've got the TT to magically appear at 11:59 tonight so hopefully (got your fingers crossed?) it will be ready for all you TT'ers tomorrow.

Why am I going to be MIA? Two words - Garage. Sale. Yep. We're dumb. We're having a garage sale tomorrow - Saturday. It's at my parents house, but I've got a table full of stuff there and I'll have to help collect the moola as it comes in. Our town is having thier annual "Pioneer Days" which some people refer to as the greatest show on dirt. I don't think it's all that special, but it brings in thousands of people to town to stand and stare at 100 year old farm equipement. Yeehaww.

So somewhere down the line someone thought it would be a great idea to have a garage sale the same weekend because... well, there is thousands of people in town. Then someone else copied them, someone copied them and now we basically have an unoffical city-wide garage sale.

I also had this brilliant idea to help my sister get some credit at a Tastefully Simple show she had a month or so ago and I am having a party on Friday. Yep, in the middle of all this crap. What the hell was I thinking? So tomorrow (tomorrow is Thursday, right?) I have to find some time to sneak home and make a bunch of sample dips and stuff. Yep, these shows YOU make the stuff for the show, it's kinda cool.

Oh yeah... and somebody is coming to fix our furnance in the morning.

Oh... and in an hour I've got to be at church for a confirmation meeting with the demons. Demons & church - they go to together because our pastor finds it incredibly wonderful to give his bible school/confirmation students caffienated soda and candy. He's been talked to about this... many times.... and he pulls his hair out every week, but yet... the next week? Guess whats there for the kids? But you know what? The kids absolutley adore our pastor and thats a good thing.

So if I am not clinically insane by Sunday... someone just admit me anyway 'cause it'll be a'coming!