Monday, January 19, 2009

The Mom Song

This has got to be one of the best things I've heard in years!

Sock eating monsters, Big Love and .... well, love.

I just don't get it. Where do they go? Seriously! Out of one load of laundry there are 8 socks with no matches. Unreal. Of course, the demons don't know where they are and they are real good about throwing the blame my way; "I threw them down with the other laundry". As if I take their socks and shove them under MY bed or something so that later I can chew their asses about it. Yeah, sure. I have better things to do with my life than bitch and them and look for fricken socks.

I made Demon #1 check her room and the computer room... she found 5 of the unmatched culprits.

Threw them down with the rest, huh? Yeah, ok.

Last night was the season premier of Big Love on HBO. Might I add; FINALLY! We've only been waiting forever for this show to pick back up. The first thing I noticed was that Margene had her baby... the last we heard she had just gotten pregnant, but I suppose you can't be pregnant for 2 years. Yeah, 2 years we've been waiting for it to come back on.
I never realized how much I missed the show until last night. It was so good to see it again. They are going in so many different directions with storylines... it's gonna be a good season!
I know this isn't a very popular show. Kimber is the only other person other than myself that I know that watches it. I don't care... I've always seemed to like shows that nobody ever does anyway.
It shows the good side of polygamy and the bad... last night they protrayed the "lost boys" - the older boys that are sent away from polygamy compounds because they are within age to start "stealing" the potential wives for higher up men. It's something very real that happens with this lifestyle, but not talked about at all.
The good side is what draws me in... the friendship between the sister wives. Although I could never share a husband, the thought of having women around to talk to, share things with... that intriques me.
Although I got to thinking last night that if I was in the same boat as Anna, the possible "4th wife" that the family is starting to date, it might be easier to get into... other than the place that Barb, the 1st wife, was in when Bill married Nikki. Barb & Bill had been married for quite some time and she didn't have to share him - and had no intenetions to until Nikki came along. To share what had been yours and only yours would be hard, but I think to share what you share from the beginning wouldn't be as hard.
Did that make sense?

Anyway, watch the show. It rocks.

Speaking of love - Valentines Day is just around the corner. I've made some V-day designs for whoever wants them... you can get them here.

and hey... pass it on to your friends! They claim word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind!
Oh... and for you snowmobilers, I made some snowmobile valentine's too!

Speaking of my shops & designs... believe it or not I spent almost my entire Sunday yesterday remodeling TheFishingBowl. Feel free to tell me what you think!

Ok, so enough of my rambling and advertising :)