Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Version 5.7

Asking, pleading, crying out for help!

So if you are a regular reader here, you know I run 2 online stores and thats, like, my job. Sometimes that job actually takes up so much of my time that I forget about this blog! Really, it happens.

Well, now is one of those times and as I'm sitting here asking the dogs for help with ideas and where I should go now I'm realizing that they really are no help to me and I need real ideas and real help! So HELP ME! Please.

Over the next couple months I have to "break up" my store into at least one more store. I might do two more, maybe three... thats where I'm stuck. Should I open a "Quotes & Sayings" store and move all my quotes-type designs over to that, should I open a "Fishing & Rec" store and move those types of designs over.... I don't know what the best thing to do is!

Sad thing is, I have to move something to a new store, there is no way around it. Basically, InsanityWear is too big and I have to downsize it, but I'm not deleting anything, just creating a new store(s).

So... please, if you have the time or you are over there shopping & such... could you please help a girl out and give me ideas, opinions... that sort of thing?

I just am not sure the best route to take here. Sometimes I have a hard time looking at my own stores as a "shopper", so if you have any ideas...