Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter egg coloring

Sisterly love?

Demon #1, being a camera ham as usual

Demon #2 waiting for her egg to change color. We have NEVER been able to get a yellow easter egg.

a row of colors.. the green dye is in the blue cup, the blue dye is in the green cup. Really messed us up.

Demon #2 painting glitter on an egg... no matter how hard you try, you can't make it look like the package! I finally went and grabbed some glitter nail polish.

the end result...

How not to parent!

Stolen from - 411 Mommy = An Informed Mommy!

Happy Easter!

Another snow day

Woke up to more snow this morning... I don't know how much we got since yesterday morning, but it was a mom-walk-around-with-a-camera kind of morning! Just wait 'till the demons get outside!

Do you have an opinion OR NOT?

I belong to quite a few message boards/forums. I guess you could call me a forum addict, really. And just like with anything else, I have my pet peeves. I guess this one doesn't really have to be just forum centered, I don't know.

I cannot stand it when you have an opinion about something and you want others opinions on it and they come back with, "well, it's their choice if they want to do that or not", or something with the same meaning.

I know people have choices and I know people have their own lives, but I also have an opinion and if I want to say what I think they are doing is bullshit in my mind, I'm going to say it. I don't care if it's their choice - I think their choice is WRONG.

Lets take attachment parenting - hey, to those of you who do it - more power to you, BUT! I think it is the biggest crock of doo-doo out there. Sure, you have a right to do it, but I also have the right to think and say that you are out of your mind.

I just get so tired of people wasting other people's time with a comment like "it's their choice". Don't waste my reading space - either you think it's right or you think it's wrong. We all know "it's their choice", we aren't idiots, do you have to use up my time reminding me of that? Arrrggg!!!!

I know, it's sort of pathetic that this pisses me off, but it does. Reading post after post of someone either saying that and nothing else or ending every one of their posts with that is so fricken irritating to me.

Reading this, I sound like a moron myself and I really didn't make any sense, did I ? LOL!

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