Thursday, September 25, 2008

THursday Thunks v9.25

Welcome to the Thursday Thunks! Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

This week we will answer:

A simple question. What makes you feel old? That is on my mind today because what makes me feel old is the fact that 14 years ago today I was giving birth for the first time. I was 21 years old.... 14 years ago I was 21. My baby girl that was just 7lbs is now a 14 year old moody teenager. I don't feel old enough to have a 14 year old. Not even close.

.... and tell your friends!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Stealing

I had nothing else to do tonight and noticed Kimber, once again, did another meme.... seems that just a couple months ago she was getting pissy at me because she didn't understand what a meme even was. Now she does so many it makes my head spin. So I'm stealing it and doing it.

Cheers to all us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The "All About Me" Meme

Complete each sentence.

I am: not sure why I'm doing this.

I think: it's probably to get out of making supper tonight.

I know: I'm not hungry and when I'm not hungry I have no desire to cook - even if my family is starving.

I have: taught them all to use the microwave.

I wish: they would use it.

I hate: it when I sit down at this laptop to do something and thats when the dogs decide they want in.

I miss: my bestest friend, Missy, and our morning coffees.

I fear: a lot of stupid thing. Today was falling off the dock at the lake. Like I was going to fall off - but my feet were frozen and I wanted to cry.

I hear: some movie with Jodie Foster playing in the background. The husband is watching it.

I smell: nothing. Because the dogs are outside.

I crave: a cigarette.

I search: I just can't get past Kimber's answer -- I search on Google.

I wonder: what you are wondering about.

I regret: many things, but yet I don't know that I would change them if I could.

I love: my demons, my husband, my bestest friend, my best friend, my other friends (who aren't less important, but they don't have a special name), my family, my pets and my flannel sheets.

I ache: every fricken morning.

I am not: impressed that my demon #1 just pushed a rug across the kitchen.

I believe: that I just taught my child the basic law of noodle cooking. "Do I have to use exactly 6 cups?" Of course not.

I dance: to embarrass my children.

I sing: country songs.

I cry: a lot lately.

I fight: with my demons about stupid things.

I win: ....... I have no answer for this.

I lose: at most fights with the demons.

I never: not wake up in the morning.

I always: wipe after I relieve myself.

I confuse: everyone I come into contact with.

I listen: to my husband snore at night and demon #2 snore from across the house.

I can usually be found: on InsanityCafe or Facebook - phsycially? Sitting right here at my kitchen table.

I am scared: of pretty much everything nowadays.

I need: to pee.

I am happy about: that the demons are cooking their own food now.

I imagine: a world with many golden puppies.

It's a Sunday

I'm sitting here watching the clock tick down until the girls leave for PopTalk/Confirmation Class so I can jump in the shower and get myself ready for church.

Parents have to go to church as a requirement starting this year. Parents should go to church with their children, it's only common sense, but this year the parents have to answer questions - just like the students - about the church service/sermon. I don't know how I feel about that.

Yeah I do. I don't like it. I don't like being told that I HAVE to go to church every Sunday and I sure don't like having "homework" attached to it. While you are in confirmation classes, sure... makes sense. But why the parents? It takes a lot away from the reason you are going to church in the first place, IMO.

I left the Catholic church because of their rules and I fell in love with the Lutheran church because of the laid back, welcoming feel when you walk in the door. I never felt welcomed at a Catholic church like I do at ours. But now? Now all of a sudden there is this obligation attached to going and I don't like that. I want to go because I want to go... not because someone tells me I have to go so I can answer questions so my children can be confirmed.

I just think it's wrong. It's like having to pass some graduation test so my child can graduate from high school.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me & a candy bar - my Thursday Thunk

Ok did anyone expect me NOT to say what I'm about to say?

I'd be a Peanut Butter Cup, of course!

Not just because I love them to the point that they have become a necessity in life, but because ... well, once you know me, like a PBCup... I become a necessity in your life. Could you imagine a world with no PBCups? Ask those who know me & love me what a world would be like without me.

You'll get the same answer.

Peanut Butter & chocolate go together in many different ways - as I do. I can get along with a variety of personality types. (maybe I'm a variety of personality types)

Best of all.. delicious. Which I am. I am just a delicious part of anyone's life. A must have.... an addiction of sorts. I'm perfect anytime of year, any month, any time of day. In the morning I'm the best - with a cup of coffee of course. Mornings are WONDERFUL times of the day! I'm great in the afternoon and perfect as a bedtime snack.

I'm also very full of myself, which is what happens when PBCups are around - I fill up on them!

*note: I am usually not full of myself... or so vain. Only in extreme silly moods, which now is one of those times.

Thursday Thunks v9.18 - Candy Bars & You

Welcome to the Thursday Thunks! Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

This week we will think about:

Candy Bars and you.

Think of yourself... then think of a candy bar. What comes to mind? Is it all chocolate? Is it sweet? Salty? If you had to describe yourself & your personality by creating a "you" candy bar, what would it be?

Then tell us.....

.... and tell your friends! And....don't forget to link back to us and visit other's Thursday Thunks and comment! (thats the most important part, afterall.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dirty Sinks & Flushing Toilets

This morning my face just felt like it needed a good washing. This is something I usually do at night, but this morning I just wanted a clean face. So I went into the bathroom, let Serena drink for a little bit and finally got tired of waiting for her to get that perfect drip to drink to satisfy her feline OCD and I turned the water on hot.

Funny how fast a cat will jump off a counter when their head gets soaked.

I splash hot water on my face.. opens up the pores, you know. It's funny, I always think of a sauna when I wash my face. It's like it's my reminder on what to use - hot or cold. So I wet my face down and grab Demon #2's "Morning Burst" facial cleanser. Morning Burst - everyone can use one of those, right? I lather it up and start rubbing it all over my face. Soap near my eyes doesn't bother me so I'm rubbing it into my eyebrows and all over. Maybe it's an art form, but I can accomplish this without getting any in my eyes. I'm doing this as I'm looking at my horrid reflection in the mirror. When did my eyes get so... sunken in? Must have been somewhere between the birth of the 1st & 2nd demon.

So I'm looking in the mirror and I look down.

A washcloth that needs to be washed.

The sink is dirty. And full of bubbles. If it can clean my face it can clean the sink, right?

So I grab the washcloth and start wiping out the sink. I don't know how we get this brown film behind the faucet, but we do. I don't have any now because I cleaned it off. Yuck. Then I notice the dried toothpaste on the counter. Doesn't anyone see the toothpaste fall off the toothbrush? I suppose it's just like the slippers that are right now laying in the middle of the kitchen... Mom will take care of it.

So I clean off the toothpaste that's dried... really dried to the counter. This actually needs a fingernail to get all of it off. Yuck. Must have been there for days. As I'm doing this I look over and see all the hair that's accumulating in the corners of the counter. No, it's not pet hair. It's human hair. I handed down a wonderful gene to the demons - thick and constant shedding hair. I wipe off all of the counter. All clean. Wow. I've accomplished quite a bit before 7:30 in the morning!

I turn around and see the toilet. Ahhh yes, that hasn't been cleaned in a week so I grab the cleaner from under the sink and start squirting it into the toilet. I turn around to grab the toilet brush - those things are actually really disgusting when you think about it, you know that? I reach down ------


Ooops. I was washing my face, wasn't I... and I sorta got sidetracked and forgot to rinse the soap off my face. It's now found its way into my right eye and is burning like a ******-******!!! I rinse it off quick and so one of those hand-as-a-cup-of-water eye washing tricks, dry my face off as Demon #1 comes into the bathroom. I go out and grab my now-cold cup of coffee. I dump the cold coffee and get myself a nice hot refill.

Then I hear it....

The toilet bowl cleaner is flushed down the toilet.

My bathroom counter & sink is clean, though.

And so is my face.

Wordless Wednesday - the first fall leaves (leaves that fall?)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camera Critters 9.13

Camera CrittersIt's Chico again this week! Nothing much to say about him.. he's Chico.
Ok, I thought of something. My best friend, Melissa, is doing her first CameraCritters this week with the brat-dog Athena & that freaky looking bird.
When her daughter, Jenna, was born she was living in the same town I live in and we spent almost every morning in my kitchen having coffee. From the 1st day she brought Jenna over (probably just a couple weeks old) Chico was in love... if Jenna would so much as squeak, Chico would be right there, up on his hind legs wanting to know what was wrong. And if we would put Jenna on the floor he would just lay by her feet. It was the absolute cutest thing! But if she cried... LOL Didn't matter where he was, he'd come running. Not sure what he thought he was gonna do to help her, but he wanted to try!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Thunk Version 9.11

Welcome to the Thursday Thunks! Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

This week we will think about:

Pick somebody and tell us about them.

Who? I don't care who... tell us about your grandma, your plumber, the guy down the street that never opens his shades, the broad at the grocery store who you want to shove the plastic bags up her nose, the idiot who cut you off on the freeway yesterday, the little kid who held the door open for you and you were so in shock at the kindness that you forgot to say thank you... you pick. You are the one thinking about this, not me.

So who are you going to talk about?

.... and tell your friends! And....don't forget to link back to us and visit other's Thursday Thunks and comment! (thats the most important part, afterall.)

Praying for Garage Sales and Food Parties

I'll be MIA for the next few days - not that I'm regularly blogging or anything anyway. I've got the TT to magically appear at 11:59 tonight so hopefully (got your fingers crossed?) it will be ready for all you TT'ers tomorrow.

Why am I going to be MIA? Two words - Garage. Sale. Yep. We're dumb. We're having a garage sale tomorrow - Saturday. It's at my parents house, but I've got a table full of stuff there and I'll have to help collect the moola as it comes in. Our town is having thier annual "Pioneer Days" which some people refer to as the greatest show on dirt. I don't think it's all that special, but it brings in thousands of people to town to stand and stare at 100 year old farm equipement. Yeehaww.

So somewhere down the line someone thought it would be a great idea to have a garage sale the same weekend because... well, there is thousands of people in town. Then someone else copied them, someone copied them and now we basically have an unoffical city-wide garage sale.

I also had this brilliant idea to help my sister get some credit at a Tastefully Simple show she had a month or so ago and I am having a party on Friday. Yep, in the middle of all this crap. What the hell was I thinking? So tomorrow (tomorrow is Thursday, right?) I have to find some time to sneak home and make a bunch of sample dips and stuff. Yep, these shows YOU make the stuff for the show, it's kinda cool.

Oh yeah... and somebody is coming to fix our furnance in the morning.

Oh... and in an hour I've got to be at church for a confirmation meeting with the demons. Demons & church - they go to together because our pastor finds it incredibly wonderful to give his bible school/confirmation students caffienated soda and candy. He's been talked to about this... many times.... and he pulls his hair out every week, but yet... the next week? Guess whats there for the kids? But you know what? The kids absolutley adore our pastor and thats a good thing.

So if I am not clinically insane by Sunday... someone just admit me anyway 'cause it'll be a'coming!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wool socks and $100 Bills

So I wake up to 35 degree temps this morning (shit... forgot to cover my roses last night) and it's 50some degrees in the house. I don't want to turn on the furnace yet because 1. its September and 2. it's being fixed this week so I don't want to start it.

So instead I grab some hot coffee and do some snowmobile designs!

It's really not warming me up, though.

$100 Bill

then it's on to more duct tape, fishing & Thanksgiving.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Camera Critters - 9.6

Finally! I've been waiting a week to post these! Last weekend we took the kids to the zoo.

Ok fine. They really didn't want to go. I did. I have such an obsession with animals that no matter what city we go - we have to go see their zoo (if they have one, of course!). In all honesty, zoos make me sad. I don't like the looks on the animals faces because they look so... well, sad. I hate seeing them caged up, but yet - where else am I going to see them?

Thee demons wanted to go to the big zoo - the MNZoo down by Minneapolis... why? There is a really cute little zoo with a handfull of animals within 1/2 hour from us! There's never a lot of people (fear of crowds, ya know) - I think there were 5 cars in the parking lot Saturday morning? It's a great zoo.. it's advertised as free, and it used to be, but now they ask for a certain amount in a "donation". Whatever - I'm not complaining. All 4 of us got in for $15. I think thats the cost of one ticket at the MNZoo.

I wanted to post these all week, but I was saving them for (my favorite - have I ever said that?) meme - Camera Critters. My favorite animal at the zoo, the tigers, were sleeping and we could barely see them in the shadows, so I didn't get pics of them. Last year when we were here they came right up to the fence. That was amazing!

Anyway.... you didn't come here to read, did you?
First were the prairie dogs. They are so fun to watch. We went right away in the morning, so they were hungry. We put our quarter in the food machine and they all came running - made for some great shots!
As I said, I didn't get to see my tigers, but I did get to see the cougars. I love watching big cats (hence the whole "kittilicious" or "kittyobsessed" screennames I go by). As soon as we walked up to the fence line of this cougar one of the demons blurted out "Great. Now Mom's gonna stand here for a 1/2 hour!".

It would have been worse at the MNZoo, my loves. More cats.
Every zoo has a petting zoo part, doesn't it? This guy was pretty friendly... and really seemed to be interested with the monkey holding the camera.
I guess the downfall of going to the zoo right away in the morning is the animals that sleep in... the big black bear (and he was big!) was sleeping in a corner and all we could see what his butt and his paw. I didn't want a picture of a bear butt (it was kinda cute, though) so I took a picture of his paw instead.
His cubs, however, were enjoying the morning with lots of playing! (The mama bear was in another pen and was totally out of view - she was sleeping, too. But with these cubs, I don't blame her! They were LOUD and obnoxious. That thing he's standing on is probably at least 10 feet high - the 3 cubs would go up and down and up and down and yell at each other.... it was pretty entertaining!

I really wish I could lie and say I got this one in the wild, but if you look close you can see mom's tagged ear in the corner. They have a GORGEOUS area for the whitetailed deer. It took us awhile to find the small herd (a few does, only saw one fawn and never found the buck(s) ) because they were hiding so well. But we finally found them and this little one especially was pretty curious. I didn't realize until we got home how funny of a shot I actually got! My first thought of "this is my feelings about living in a zoo!" - which goes back to my mixed feeling of zoos.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey Saki, wanna bath?

It's been awhile....

A bath? Water? I like water! Are we going to the lake? The lake has water... I like to splash in it and chase things in it.. water is fun!

Whoa.. wait a minute... this isn't the lake. What is this?

I don't know if I like this.....
Ok I'm pretty sure I don't like this. There's the door... what if I make a run for it?

Maybe if I lay down... hey, this ain't so bad...the bubbles taste sorta good.
(notice how dirty the water got? She NEEDED a bath BAD!)
Ok now you are just making me look stupid.
But it's sorta warm.. I think I'll walk around the house with it on. All clean.... but next time can we just do it in the lake?

Thursday Thunks 9.4

Welcome to the Thursday Thunks! Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

This week we will answer:

Since this is the week that most kids go back to school... I know some of you are last week or last month, but this is my meme and my demons went back this week... so there! LOL
This week lets think back to our school days... way back in time. Pick a teacher and tell us about them. Were they your favorite? Your least favorite? Something spectacular happen to them while you were in school? Whatever the reason is that that particular teacher just popped into your head - tell us about it.

And because school started this week and with Labor Day and all... I totally forgot it was Thursday.... so I'm sorry for this not being set up before hand. Forgive me?

.... and tell your friends!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today is the day!

The demon got a little upset that I wrote in her planner, but I can't help it... I was excited!

I'll be interested to hear how today goes. Demon #2 lost her class schedual already and we tried to peice together her day as much as possible. First day of Jr High and you aren't 100% sure where you are going.. we've all been there, but this might be one of the worst. Luckily Demon #1 is just a grade ahead of her and their lockers are right next to each other.... big sister is going to help push her in the right direction.

At least she better. *sigh*

So here's to a new school year...


Well, the school day is over and all went well. Demon #2 walked into the wrong math class, sat down and sat through roll call. Only then is when she figured out she screwed up. Worse could happen, I suppose.

Demon#1 went to her locker in the morning only to find that someone else had occupied it. She shared with her sister (wasn't the big sister supposed to be watching out for the little one?) and they will get it figured out tomorrow.

They both came home smiling... and with homework. Krissy started right in on her art homework. Draw something that you are good at drawing. What to pick.... she's good at drawing everything! My little artist already has plans on applying to the Art Instruction Schools when she's 14 so she was tickled pink to see the art room!

Monday, September 01, 2008

It's happening.... it's really happening...

12 hours from now the demons go BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!
I'll be able to get some work done again!

(and maybe get a nap or two in....)