Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's so... um...

Empty? I look at this blog thing and it's bare. I really need to say something, but I don't want to sound like I can't ever shut up. Although, those who know me, know better.
I'm wasting time waiting for Demon Spawn #1 to call and let me know that I have to take my 4th drive to church tonight. Dropped Demon Spawn #2 off at Choir at 6:00, #2 off at Confirmation Classes at 6:30 then back at 7:00 to pick back up #2. Sad thing is... church is only 4 blocks away. Why am I wasting gas to deliver them? They should walk their asses to and from. Geesh. Maybe next week I'll make them hoof it.

Yeah right. Nice try.

In other news not related to me, this woman had a 17 pound baby. Ouch. I would have called her a liar if it didn't say it was by c-section. I think after that one, I'd quit.

My friends are nuts

So I have great friends. Few, but great. They are all a little wacked out in some form or another.

Love made me do this.

The Day After

It's the day after the end of my life. I have officially become the mother of a teenager. At 8:00 last night to be exact. The 1st demon spawn I gave birth to became 13. This is the end of my life, right? Now I must give more freedom... wait, no I don't. I can lock her up in the basement, can't I? Please tell me I can.
The demon spawn told me a few weeks ago that she's excited about her first dance coming up. 7th grade is so grown up, ya know. Why is she excited? Because she wants to have her first kiss. HER WHAT? Um, no. Put on the breaks... she doesn't even have a boyfriend yet. Good God, help me and pass the Prozac.