Thursday, June 25, 2009

Craving Ink

I have always had this tattoo in my head of Max & Murray. I wanted them standing next to each other. I've never seen a decent tat of either a golden or a black cat. Well, a few months ago I was at the vet and the new vet that was there had paw prints going up her arm. Now I know what I'm gonna do... 2 dog prints & 2 cat prints along side each other. Just don't know where yet.

But now that I know, 100%, what I want I'm craving ink in the worst way!!!

I have a tattoo on my calf (fills up my entire left calf) that my bestest friend got me for my wedding present... it's a cat looking out from behind a bunch of flowers. I've had it for 14 years and twice in the past month I've had two different people ask me if the cat is Big Boy (the cat that was put to sleep a couple months ago).. Like they didn't see this huge tat in the past decade?

I was thinking of one blue and one pink of each... Max, Murray, Saki & Serena. I have had lots of pets in my life but there's only a couple that actually dig deep in my heart. I don't think I'll do the colors, though. It was just a thought. I was also thinking if they could do a dark gray over the black so you could see if it you looked close - and have their names.