Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camera Critters - 8.23

Camera Critters
Today we are sharing Oliver. AKA "Oliver Buddy", "Buddy" and "Mr Personality". We joke that he is so laid back that if he ever got out of the house he would lay in the road and watch a car run him over. He is the poster child (poster cat?) for the Persian personality. He is lovable, vocal, cuddly and... well, look at him... how can you resist a face like that? (he's also very photogenic!)

... and for those of you who gave me your best wishes last week... Serena went through surgery fine. She's home and back to her normal self! I posted a "to know or not to know" the other day and I finally made a decision - the test is being done. I still won't put her through chemo if it turns out to be malignant, but at least this way I'll know.

Cross your fingers for a good result! I should know the end of next week.
Somehow Saki just knew that there was something wrong... this was the day Serena came home. She was very gentle with Serena... curious, but never chased her or anything. It almost seemed like she was protecting Serena every now and then. In fact, I was laying on my bed watching tv with Saki along side me the day after Serena came home, when Serena walked into the bedroom. Saki got up, walked over me and laid down on the other side... Serena jumped up and laid down where Saki was. Saki was, afterall, in Serena's spot!

Thats something she's never done before. Both dogs always try to lay in Serena's spot.

Anyway... go play along in the Camera Critters meme!