Tuesday, December 02, 2008

10 Ways You Can Save Money

10 Ways You Can Save Money
  1. Don't spend it. Thats a very simple answer.
  2. Don't buy $5 coffees, which I don't do. Seriously, I've never even had a $5 coffee - are they worth it?
  3. My biggest one, but this only applies if you live in a small town like I do. Shop locally. I can't see driving 20 miles to go grocery shopping when the same items are here in town for the same price - sometimes cheaper! Sometimes they are a few cents more expensive, but Whamo! I just saved that on gas.
  4. Cook at home. Stop eating out so much. I know a family that will drive that 20 miles because they want Burger King. Stupid. Eating out once and awhile is ok, but when you drop $25 on 4 subs at Subway, think about how many home cooked meals that $25 could make.
  5. Don't always buy the cheapest stuff. Sometimes cheap is cheap and you'll end up buying more in the end. Dishsoap is an example - ever bought the cheap stuff? Wonder why it's so much thinner than Dawn? Because you get more soap with Dawn!
  6. Turn off lights when you aren't using them - didn't your mother ever teach you anything? Better yet, use candles.
  7. Walk once and awhile. If where you are going can get you there by foot in 10-15 minutes, leave your car keys at home once and awhile. Plus it will get rid of your inflating gut.
  8. Make your kids suffer this Christmas. Take them to the homeless shelter for their gift.
  9. Say "NO" to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and school fundraisers! (anyone wanna buy a candy bar for $1? Demon #2 is selling them for her World Geography class....they wanna go to D.C. next year)
  10. Quit blogging. Turn off your internet and that'll save you some cash. Of course you'll then have a bill at the local mental institution, but at least you'll have something interesting to tell your therapist.