Sunday, January 31, 2010

Forum Stuff

Hey... for those of you who are members at InsanityCafe Forums (or those of you who want to be... because seriously - you know you do!) we've done a bunch of stuff over the weekend.

First of all... we added a new forum called The Padded Room - The walls are padded so go crazy with giveaways, contests, coupons, deals... whatever fits your fancy! They are all over the web and we have them listed here! Thats the technical description. It's for just what it says it is....

Second... we are having our first of many contests... this one is called "Sloganize Us" and here are the details:
Alright members here's a fun challenge for you, and one where you could win your choice of a free Keychain, Magnet, Mug (travel or coffee) or even a Beach Tote Bag! Now that you're all excited lets get this contest started!

How do you participate?
Come up with a new Insanity Cafe slogan, then post it here.
How long will this contest run? This contest will run for 2 weeks, in order to give our members plenty of opportunity to participate. Valentines Day will be the final day for submissions at which time voting will take place. If your slogan is chosen we will PM you and allow you to make your prize choice as well as announce your winning slogan in the forums.

Eligible to registered members only.

Well...there you have it Smiley Now everybody get your thinking caps on and let the game (contest) BEGIN!!
We are also going to start having some fun games (but different from your average forum games).

And don't forget...