Sunday, July 18, 2010

You knew I'd do it...

Team Mel Gibson - or Team Mel (Plain) - T-shirts and Gifts by has them!

Join Team Mel Gibson! The whole thing has a "gold digger with father issues seducing delusional Hollywood star going through his midlife crisis and owning him at playing mind games" written all over.

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Don't Make Me - Mel
Don't make me go all Mel Gibson on your ass! Wouldn't want to get into that kind of trouble!

And, yes, for those who are wondering... I am still on Team Mel! I won't make any harsh judgments against my Mel until they are done with the investigation of the evidenc
e. Those tapes? Um... yeah, I've heard them, have you? Listen carefully and tell me there isn't something fishy going on...

There is no crime in having a temper. If he hit her, thats a different story, but I ain't buying it just yet. There's also no crime in needing help, which he does. I'll never deny that.

Until next time....